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Why does support end?

When I smoked the NHS (and others) offered massive support structures to help me to stop.

After I stopped (and before the COPD diagnosis) the support seemed to end. Like many ex-smokers, my weight increased but when I asked my GP for some help he replied "Put less on your plate!", yes, that was his exact comment with no other follow up answer!

So, nearly a year later (and three failed diets) I'm still three stone heavier than the smoker I was, I've made another appointment with a different GP (using the 'please cancel the appointment if you recover before we get to see you' system) in the hope that someone, somewhere might actually offer some support and help.

Just 18 months since I stopped smoking, I've gone from overweight to obese, from no breathing symptoms to constant breathlessness and a GP practice which continues to offer no support whatsoever.

Is this the norm or are my GP's the only rubbish ones?

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change your doctor,you need proper advice,contact british lung foundation

In our area you can get free 3months Slimming World - it works, gives you a support group of your own, maybe your GP can do similar?

Once you stop smoking, the support team can tick a box to say they've had another success and simple say goodbye to you as they move on to their next client. It seems to be the same with most things, if you can get into a support group they will be great, until you reach a target.

The BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555 may be able to give you some suggestions about diet.

I have had a pretty similar situation, since I gave up smoking I've put on almost 4 stone and my GP just said 'lose the belly' when he saw me. Then again, he's just the same, he's looking more like 8 months pregnant these days as well !

Have a word with your local PALS team too, see what they can come up with. For the area covered by Derby Hospitals they are on 0800 783 7691, 9-5, M-F.

Oh my goodness y_not, I feel your pain, sounds like my surgery, we have a Dr Hopeless, a Dr Rude & Obnoxious and a Dr Some People Get On With And Some Don't. I get on well my my GP who does actually listen but have tried and been unable to see her since my diagnosis of COPD in February only to be told both in February and March that "She's away for a month". If it's possible for you to change surgeries that might be your answer, after asking around for recommendations, unfortunately I can't do that as it's the only surgery where I live.

I've also noticed recently that there are very few information leaflets on show now and every single notice has disappeared from the numerous notice boards in the waiting area, these included support group information, where to contact if you wish to continue with mammagrams after reaching the age limit, advice for carers, advice about diabetes, COPD, etc., etc. I've come to the conclusion they don't want to help anyone :( .

Know the feeling, I put on massess of weight since giving up cigarettes. Now its have to change your diet your weights a cadio vascular risk "excuse me dr thats why I gave up fags"As anyone out there got a quick fix for weight loss when you can't exercise vigourisly??? Afraid my willpower has gone now, even PR and exercise groups seem to have departed along with the leaflets. Seems the newest in illness is Helicobacter pylori if you want to catch the medics attention must go now before I give out more sarcasm and miss my hairdressers appointment.

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This seems to be happening all over,untill last year my surgery ran support groups for, asthma, chronic lung disorders, cardio rehab, alsymers a minor surgery clinic an antenatal group and more, now all there is is a mums and babies clinic

My doctor was brilliant,,he gave me a note for slimming world for 12 wks free,,,so i would ask your doctor about it,, I averaged losing 2lb a week just by tweaking my food around,,then when the free sessions ended i just carried on the same at home,,was,nt going to pay to get weighed,,well worth asking about

ask if you can see a dieatischion sorry spelt very badly . but a person that can help you with your diet and eatting. say you need to see one as the wight gain isnt helping your breathing

Hmm, regarding the "Weight" aspect of all this, I've come to the conclusion, it all boils down to , as they say, "Its the way your made", I was about twelve stone when I smoked, as soon as I stopped, I LOST WEIGHT ! within about six months, and have been Ten stone ever since .........we're all different it seems ! .

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