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As we have some lovely new people on here

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I hope nobody is offended by me saying, but you might want to consider joining the BLF as a member and you get lots more support and information through leaflets and their magazine.

I know money can be tight these days, but its pretty good value. I think quite a few of us are members.

Lynne xx

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I already have Lynne and I got a lot of information that has been helpful so I endorse ;) your post



Not offended in the slightest, but have never been persuaded that it would be in my best interests to be a member! I get lots of support from my GP, Consultant, Respiratory Nurse and COPD Nurse and they are all people who know me and know my history, so not sure why I need to look elsewhere.

Serious question - what has the BLF ever done for me that would make me want to become a member?

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toonamp in reply to Easybreather

As you are getting excellent help from your surgery etc, not always the case with other sufferers.

You might be able to help others? Or perhaps because you appreciate them providing this forum and the Helpline?

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Easybreather in reply to toonamp

Hi toonamp,

I do have plans to help others in my area when my health permits, but have no desire to discuss my plans on here - first chat will be with my GP.

Have had COPD for around 15+ year and my medical support has always been excellent.

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But this forum has to be funded somehow? And the helplines? If you join the BLF you're helping to keep these going and also doing your bit towards research into lung conditions.

ff x

Tried to do a direct reply easybreather, but kept getting 404, so have had to do a new post.

For me, I suppose I look at it in two ways. Firstly it's supporting what they do for people with lung conditions so that I feel I am doing something to help the cause.

Secondly, although there is good info out there from our specialists etc, the BLF information and especially their magazine, brings a new perspective to a variety of lung conditions. With supportive examples of individuals (one of whom is a well know person on this site!).

Actually, the reason I got to know about them in the first place was because the literature given to me by my specialist was all produced by the BLF.

Lynne xx

The BLF leaflets I found in my hospital years ago were invaluable in explaining my breathing problems, and they still help when I had a spirometry test recently. It is reassuring to know the help line is there as well

I belong to a Breathe Easy group, we have a community nurse available and we have a chance to chat, hear speakers, have a monthly lunch and outings, and an exercise class Fundraising has provided the hospital with equipment.

Without the BLF newsletter I wouldn't have heard of this blog; would this blog be here without them?

well said xx

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You are quite right and I am about to join. Had a lovely talk with Jo yesterday, she was so helpful. Should have joined earlier!

The BLF do support reasearch into many lung conditions, so being members helps to fund the help we get from clinics, doctors , breathease ect. Plus many hospital respiratory departments are backed by the BLF these days, plus it helps to fund the helpline and opens new ways to contact people with similar problems. It is inexpensive and offers support in return.Sojoining does help the cause and yourselves. I am a member myself

I joined recently and it's great to be supporting all the work they do,


Good idea Lynne and thank you for the reminder.

If we all gave the price of a packet of fags it would go quite a long way. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

The BLF needs all the support it can get in order to continue the fabulous research work they do. By becoming a BLF member you are helping the research program and also be made available to all of their write ups in Breathing Space magazine.Some HealthUnlockders contribute their experiences in the Magazine,

They also coordinate and help develop the Breathe Easy support group network which wouldn't exist without them. Im proud to be a member and help support their work. Haven't always agreed with decisions they've taken, e.g. how to campaign against the Health and Social Care Act, but overall they are a brilliant organisation and we are all, members or not, the better for their existence.

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