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Hello, I am very new here (joined today) and I am wondering if I am in the right place? Is this a site for people with lung disease? I have looked through 5 pages of blogs and found :-

Hatching pheasant's eggs

Trip to Celebrities on Ice

A complaint about a bus driver

Cleaning a toilet with Cola

Claiming DLA

Claiming free prescriptions

Exercise DVD

A radio show

A love letter to someone called nowheeze

A milkman


Mouthwash and bad language

Sadness about bickering



A frog in a bank

The weather


Personal histories

Scrambled egg

A tired dog

Sharing a bed with a grandchild

Am I in the right place? Is there another link to the chest site that I have missed?

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Lets give this lady a welcome as a newcomer, George please.


Hi George

The worst thing anyone can do to someone with malicious intent is to take them at face value and not rise to their bait.

People with malicious intent (Trolls?) do not want their comments to be met with kindness or sympathy. They want discord.

Trolls may be out there?

They can be nullified and negated by kind comments

Hope I have made myself clear here ....hun

The best thing nice people can do is keep on being nice

It always wins



There is no malicious intent Izzy, quite the contrary, I came seeking information and honestly thought there must be another part of the site I was unable to find - very confusing!


SHE does have some energy Annie80. How rude to speak of me in the third person. Is this site only for people with no energy then?

If you look above the division here is between a "BLOG" and a "QUESTION". I found it difficult to chose because of the variety that was there. Nothing above is labelled as "MESSAGE" but as a newcomer I will stand corrected if you can show me what I have done wrong. I can see why you may be thought of as tactless!


Hoorah for you yes your in the right place and welcome, some things got a bit out of hand over the weekend and a few noses were put out of joint so a few in the forum are a bit tetchy today. ;)



Welcome ,yes you are on the right is just a phase we are going through .

Maybe you can fetch things back to normal.

Again welcome and enjoy.


Thank you.


Yes this is a site for lung conditions. We do like to chat about other things too though, including jokes and peoples experiences to try to keep people connected with each other ( this site also helps carers of lung disease) Many people on here often feel isolated and alone and for some this is there main connection with the world even in some cases their only connection with people that are going through similar experiences other topics are discussed to keep life light hearted however very many people are also helped with their problems too. I know I have been. Julie


...This IS a site for people with lung health issues, however some people with severe lung issues are house bound and socially isolated/lonely so this site does have some 'chat' stuff that is not health related..... this may be one of the forums that gives them social contact and friends. The chat stuff is for them, but there is also some very good health related information here, you just need to scroll down and around and read what is relevant to you

All the best



Well said


Hi Izz. I was surprised to see chat stuff, it was not what I expected, but then I was totally confused by how much of it there is. It makes finding information very difficult. I will keep scrolling though! Thanks.


Why do you think this site cannot help me? What tags at the top will show other lung related sites? Why should I go look elsewhere? You are certainly not very welcoming Annie80!


Hi JanetC welcome aboard i have only been a member of this sight for a couple of months and have learnt a lot reading the blogs and questions . You will also find some humour which lightens the days when we are feeling down it would be a sad life if we couldn't have a chuckle now and again . :-)


I agree about the chuckles. I was just very surprised that the social chat and "funnies" so outnumbered anything to do with lungs. I thought I was on someone's Facebook page for a while. :)


Janet C, you are completely in the right place. We all have lung disease but talk about fun stuff too. Hello and welcome.

Lynne xx


Thank you Lnne. x


It is the right place for you, but it would be a sad state of affairs if all we talked about was lung disease. Very depressing. You do get good information and advice but there is always room for a little humour!

Welcome to the site. x


Thank you for the welcome. I do not find myself talking about lung disease all of the time. That would be depressing indeed. I was just confused because there seems to be more about stuff that is not lung related than otherwise, which just seemed strange given the site is run by the British Lung Foundaion. I actually came looking for information but there seems to be little about?



If you look in the questions you will find loads of information and if you have read all of the blogs you mention above you will also find information within a lot of the jokes and conversations.

As a housebound person I need the companionship I have found on here and hopefully you will find some of that as well. I can be feeling down and I can find someone to make me smile, I can have confusion about the way to take my meds and I can get guidance for that and when I am feeling at the end of my tether by being confused about my lung problem then I phone the BLF help line.

As I have said I hope you will find these benefits too and welcome to the site




No Janet, I did NOT read them all! I don't sit at the computer that long! I did try reading a few and just got more and more confused and racked my brain trying to find where I should click my mouse to get to the lung-related stuff - hence my blog.

Thank you so much for the warmth of your welcome.

JanetC xxx


If you look at the top of the home page you will see "visit our website", there you will find plenty information from the BLF about lung conditions. Also, this forum has a blog section and a question section. If you look down the question section you will see that it is practically all questions people have asked about their condition. If you would like to ask a question about your condition, it is easy to do so and someone will always answer or, if no-one has an answer to your particular question you can phone the BLF helpline (also found under "visit our website") where you can speak to someone. The blog section is a mixture of all sorts and is invaluable to many members of this forum, particularly those of us who are in the advanced stages of their disease and have become isolated and housebound because of it. What was the information you were looking for exactly?


Lots of useful information for me in your comment. I will try the other website. Many thanks.


Hello Janet, welcome to the site, I've been visiting here for a good few months now and I've found it to be most helpful, there are a number of 'tags' you can click on for info and of course if you need to speak to someone in person the BLF are happy to take your call. I hope you stay and discover for yourself the wonderful, warm and helpful fellow copders and carers that visit here and are so giving of their time and good advice.If I can help in any way I would be happy to, I've learnt a lot over the years! All the best, Carol :)


Hi JanetC, welcome to this site, I have found that over the few weeks I've been here that this has been a long & hard winter for many, friends have passed away, others have had little battles won in their health & personal lives, & for many a damn good laugh can be a life saver, The site is a mine of information & I have discovered much about my own illness here, If you have questions go to the question tab, or share your experiences here, it has been mentioned that there are to be some changes to the site which will make finding things suited to your needs, I hope you stay & give us all the chance to show you what a pleasant bunch we usually are :) karen


Hi and welcome Janet C. Most of the other members have said the reason for topics not about lung conditions.Some people live on their own and also we don't want to talk about our illnesses all the time. We need distractions. This place needs a categories section then we would know here to look for different topics. As it is they are all lumped into one. If you had put in your opening post what lung disease you have or if you are a carer then we would be all too willing to help. You can also use the Search facility to find things on what you are looking for.


Hi Janet C, I'm with Puffthemagicdragon on this, as per the introduction of categories section. However, having said that, I use the "search" bar to look for more info on my illness. Like others, I don't like dwelling on the negatives in my life, and laughter is a great way to lighten even the darkest day.


Hi and welcome to the site JanetC. I agree that the blogs section tends to be more lighthearted. Most of the serious stuff is on the questions bit. So just go in there and you will have all the lung disease forum you want.

I will also point out that Annie has been here quite a while and has always been very helpful and understanding to us all. She did welcome you to the site as well.


The search facility is worth trying. Out of interest I typed in " emphysema " and it came back with over 600 articles ! :)


Exactly - not very helpful. There is no way I would have time to ferret out any nuggets in that lot!


Just ask away any questions you have. Between us all I'm sure we can offer advice from living with the infernal disease.


Hi again and welcome Janet C. I think you will get used to us in time. I have to agree with hypercat. Annie is a very valuable member of this site she is always among the first to wish new members a warm welcome and she is going through a very difficult time at the moment not only does she have her own illness to cope with but her husband is going through chemo. I have never heard her be rude to any one, only helpfull. I think it can be easy to take peoples comments the wrong way when you are not talking to them face to face, something most of us have done at some time.Any way I hope you enjoy the site and get info you need. Could you tell us a bit more about your lung condition? then people with the same condition, could chat with you Mine is Bronciectasis and COPD.Best wishes Julie


Thank you, lovemelovemy dogs. I will surely get over it!!


xxxx Libby


You are in the right place. Happy to talk to you about lung problems and not other stuff. I guess people use health unlocked to blog.

Best wishes




I have to admit to being a bit puzzled. From your writing you are a well educated, intelligent person. If that is so, why so much confusion? Bob


Sometimes, highly intelligent people are hopeless at practical things, but I don't think that's the reason in this case? ;-)


Hi Janet C, welcome to the site and do come back on and join in. It is a good supportive, funny site with lots of information on lung problems so you will get a lot out of it I am sure. Many have been members for some time and are very much part of the community on here. I would not be without any of them. I am a carer for my husband and have been made very welcome indeed. xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you sassy59. x


Janet C, hi and welcome. If you want to know anythng about health just ask, and you will get lots of help from people who are going through the same things as you are. I have found out so much from this site just by asking. In fact I have had more information on here than the doctor or hospital. So give us a chance and hang around.


Hello JanetC

Goodness me, I cannot believe that you didn't see the list under the 'Questions' heading.

COPD, angina, depression, sarcoidosis, lung cysts and emphysema are some of the questions on one page.

I feel sure that you will find what you need to know on this forum but if you are unable to find answsers, about your particular condition, then post a question and you will be surprised how many of the members will reply to you.

Personally, I have had lots of advice and comfort from the members of this forum. I have also been cheered up and made to feel better by some of the 'non-medical' posts.

Stay on the site for a while and see how it goes.

Kind regards



Of course I saw the list! However, I was not particularly interested in answers to other people's questions, which did not really relate to me. Nor do I feel able (or tempted) to write a lot of personal information in a blog. What I was looking for was a place I could browse information and decide what related to me, picking out the relevant bits. As someone who is newly diagnosed, albeit at the severe stage, I just need more information - padding if you like - to give a fuller picture. Perhaps this is not the place for me at all. We shall see.


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