Sooooooooooo happy

Great day yesterday, don't get out much, but my one and only daughter took me to see celebrities on ice at the NIA. (birthday preasant) Great, then son in law took us and the little grandaughters for a pub meal and a few jars, lovely. My only complaint ? not enough room

for a pudding, best steak and chips I've had in years. If only all days were like yesterday.

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  • Glad you had a great day out,,and no room for pudding,,whatever next,,,its so nice to read when people have had a good day out,,i to look forward to going out with the daughter and g/kids,,,

  • sounds lovely, especially the steak and chips lol!

  • Good for you happy b'day.

  • Ooooooo I could eat it all again right now, no bread in the house and nothing exciting to eat what a come down. (wish I had made room for the pud now) Shops later me thinks!!!

  • Glad you had a great day out x :)

  • Oooooo - I dream of a nice juicy steak and chips, sounds like a good day.

    Lib x

  • It sounds like a great day. I know you say it was a birthday present, but was your birthday actually yesterday? If so, a belated many happy returns.

    Lynne xx

  • Lnne, my birthday was on the 10th, I opened my card to find the tickets, It was the best birthday in a long time as I opened a card from a good friend and inside was info., on a four day break she had booked for us in a caravan in Wales. Going next week. Great because as you know we can all get a little down at times. My friend paid for the caravan as a birthday treat but also because I had given up smoking. (can't really start puffing again now can I lol)

  • Happy Belated Birthday nixy x next time have a starter, skip main course & eat huge pud :D works for me :) glad you had great day & enjoy you hol next week in our beautiful country, :) Karen xxx

  • Belated happy birthday Nixy - glad you enjoyed your evening out and have a good time on your break later.

    Best wishes, Chris.

  • Thank you everyone for your best wishes, lovely bunch of people. Nice to talk to you all xx

  • Happy belated birthday. I do the same as sillywitch and have a starter and a pud, Most places are happy to do that and i do have a sweet tooth. Have a great holiday Julie xx

  • Nixy

    It's great that you had a super birthday treat. May you have many more of them Bob xx

  • I am pleased you enjoyed your birthday.Sorry I wasn't there ,I must have mislaid the invite.

  • Oh sorry KingoftheCocktails, just found your invite under a book on the kitchen table !!!

  • Hi Nixy, glad you had a good birthday. There is a pub/restaurant my daughter and I visit that does take-away puddings, so if you can't eat it there you can eat it later at home, great idea I think! Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • Congratulations on giving up smoking best present you could give yourself. Hope you enjoy your break x

  • What a good idea caroleoctober, they would actually make more money doing that x

  • Thank you all for your good wishes, lets hope this weather stays sunny xx

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