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Exercise DVD seems pretty good

I put a question up recently about what exercise folks did and whether anyone used a Wii, as I don't qualify for Pulmonary Rehab (and it's too far away) nor the exercise class that the nurse at the surgery runs as I am not ill enough (that's nice to know anyway :) ).

So I started an exercise class at the local community centre which concentrates on movement and gentle exercises to music, more of a keep you supple and everything in working order type thing, enjoyed it, kept up and will be continuing :) .

I dusted off the Wii and found the WiiFit DVD and have started doing some of the aerobic exercises on that. Balance not brilliant so will concentrate on the games that I'm better at, good fun, enjoyed it, it's got step, boxing, plus plenty of others. I can stop and start as I wish, do it at my own pace, good stuff :) .

I also sent for a DVD which arrived today - Functional Fitness: COPD and Asthma by Suzanne Andrews. Was lucky enough to get it from Amazon UK rather than having to import it from the US. Probably a bit expensive for the amount of exercise time on it - 25 minutes (plus other bonus bits and pieces). The exercises concentrate on working the breathing muscles and states "Increase strength and capacity of respiratory muscles; Decrease shortness of breath; Increase oxygen saturation". It can be done standing or, for those whose disease is more advanced it can be done sitting. You can use weights or soup cans or not depending on your strength. There's a variety of exercises which use all the relevant muscles and the exercises are gentle. I'm impressed and happy with my purchase and can see me using it regularly.

So, despite getting no support from my surgery other than telling me that strolling with my dog every day is enough, I feel as though I've taken control. When the weather is good enough I get a total of up to 1.5 to 2 hours strolling with the dog daily, I have my weekly gentle exercise class, I have the WiiFit and the Functional Fitness DVD that I can use regularly and feel that I'm getting "proper" exercise that's tailored to my needs and level of ability. Feeling good about that :) .

P.S. If anyone is interested in that DVD, remember that we are Region 2 and the US is Region 1. If you decide to get it make sure that it says "Region Free" or "All Regions". I'm not trying to sell it, just wanted to pass on that I think I am going to find it helpful.

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If any of you are interested in exercising with a lung condition you may find this BLF webinar on the subject interesting

There is a lot of additional info on the BLF site here

There is also a free leaflet available for you to order here

hope this helps you find out more on this most important of topics.


Hey s,suzie,,so glad you are getting the workout that you where after,,might look into something similar myself,,although after being out with the dog that might quailify me,,am managing to get further up the hill everyweek,,( yes its steep) there is a huge badger sett there and so looking to see it for myself, kkep well


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Oh well done on tackling the hill Chrissie, I hope you get to see the badger sett soon. I'm surrounded by hills (the town is described as "where the mountains come down to the sea") and I do so struggle with inclines that I generally keep dog walks to the promenade, beach and the flat roads. I took her to a nearby forest last week (grandson drove us there) and as it's also a mountain bike centre there are lots of bike and walking trails, I can only do the "easy" graded trails at the moment, maybe I will be able to work my way up to the next level :) .

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Well done and keep fit


Well done Seasidesusie for making such a great effort.


Hi Susie

I've just found this post from the link in your previous post that someone brought back to view from 8 months ago.

Thank you for sharing the DVD info, it's always good to have something to do at home especially in this bad weather and when not feeling quite well enough to go out to class.

How are you finding things now?

Are you still enjoying the DVD ?

Look forward to heAring from you if you are still around.

I have really enjoyed reading your blog post today.

Thank you again for sharing.

Best wishes to you

BC x


Wow that will be great Stitch, your own exercise room :) Fab x What a great family to help you achieve that :)


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