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Cola to clean the toilet?

Good Afternoon Everybody

I hope everyone is feeling well today, springs feels like it is here (for now) the sun has been shining and the spring flowers seem to be in abundance.

A few weeks ago someone asked about a natural toilet cleaning product as the shop bought ones can have a very strong smell which can exacerbate symptoms.

The following link has information on how to clean your loo with a litre of cheap cola and other natural cleaning tips.



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Intereating article - thanks Jo. So glad I hate cola - imagine what it does to folks insides if it does that to the toilet!!!!!!



Well, well, well, it actually makes sense I reckon, especially the cheap cola because it does taste like battery acid lol!


TaniaMarie. You're going to have to give that habit up luv. Battery acid ain't doin you any good . Sorry couldn't resist. Mick x


Hi Jo, that was me :) . Thanks for that, will get some cheap cola in next time I do a shop.


That was a good clean read!


Love all those suggestions Joe, except the Cola idea for the loo.

A better loo cleaner is from Ecocover for the loo- perfect!

I use loads of bicarbonate and white vinegar in ths house!

Happy Spring cleaning everyone :-)


Love the idea of cola for loo cleaning - best thing to do with it! xxx


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