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Hello everyone. Hope you're all well and happy.

As some of you know I've had pneumonia recently and a couple of months ago I sadly lost my dog.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago 'I'm back' but have hardly contributed to this site!

I still feel quite poorly to be honest and many times a week struggle to not think about my wonderful dog. My two other dogs have accepted she's not here anymore and carried on with their little lives but I'm finding it much much harder to move on.

I have read about the complaints on here lately, I'm not sure if any changes will be made but I hope not. Since joining here about 6 months ago I've offered advice when asked, listened, spoken, complained, whinged, cried and that not what we are all here for?

I don't have the strength to argue but I'm just popping on to thank you all for your support and lovely messages......that's the reason I'm here, so I don't feel so alone.

So, thank you all.

Back soon when I feel stronger.

Best wishes to you all.

Mike x

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Hope you feel stronger with every day Mike.

Love cx

Ah, I remember reading your blog and I am so very sorry that you are still feeling down missing your dog. Thing is, for a lot of us, dogs are family and you can grieve their loss too. You write what you want to write, we are a caring community here to support each other 'no matter what'.

Take care, Tanya x

You to flower hope you feeling better soon.

It's so hard when you lose a dog, it took me weeks to be able to talk about him without crying. It must be even worse when you are feeling so ill. I hope you feel better soon Mike



Mike I wish there was a magic word that would make it all alright for you, & I know we all would use it, the pneumonia alone is enough to bring any of us to our knees, the loss of your beloved dog on top it such a heavy load, we will all continue to support, cajulle, & encourage each other in the usual way, with love, understanding, & compassion, & always with a smile, & a laugh, so please, rest easy, we will be here for you to moan, whinge, laugh & cry, & when we can, give you the best support with what knowledge we have gained from our experiences, wishing you a speedy recovery & peace of mind, Karen xxx


Hi, I can fully understand how you feel. I have also lost a beloved dog. I still miss him,( after 10 years ), but the pain gets easier and i can think of him without getting too upset now. Its horrible, horrible. I do hope you feel better soon, pneumonias not nice either.

Take care. Youre not alone.

Hi Mike. It's nice to see you on here again, even if you are not up to posting regularly at the moment.

You have had a rough time with ling your dog and getting over pneumonia. That isn't something you recover from quickly, so take it steady and pop in here whenever you want.

Lynne xx

That was losing

Awe, I have only left one message so far. But Mmike you have struck a cord with me.

I am not sure if you have heard of this, but I believe in Rainbow Bridge, it is a great

comfort to me, hope it will be to you.

And someday we will meet up again.

All reunited.


Dogs are our souls looking out for us.

(( xxx )) take some comfort.

When I lost my dog Skye I felt so empty. 3 years on, I rescued Dana (mutley dog).

Today I will take her to the lake, she loves to swim. She has no idea how I struggle to

do it, but I do, and she brings me much more than words . . . she keeps me going. I sleep, walk her, sleep walk her and sleep again. lol.

AND boy does she hate me sleeping.



I am very sorry you are feeling so low, pneumonia will take time for you to recover from.

like you I have bawled my eyes out when loss two of dogs, and to this day I have great affection for them.

I have two dashounds and one which had major surgery on the 1st feb, we thought we were going to lose him but we were lucky, so I now how you feel,

get well soon and most on this site will agree with me, we are a good bunch


Hope you feel better soon Mike and so very sorry about your lovely dog. Animals do touch our lives more than we sometimes realise. Thinking of you and wishing you well. xxx

I still miss and think about our dog that we lost 10 years ago, he was 13 and had him as a puppy, so know how you are feeling and being especially low at the moment recovering, it makes it all the harder.

Take care,

Lib xx

Thank you ALL so much for your kind words, they're very much appreciated.

Back soon.

Take care all.

Mike x

I have loved and lost 16 friends over the years and I cried buckets for each one.However the memories that they have given me will remain with me forever.Their enjoyment when swimming in the sea,walks over Dartmoor,lying with my mum when she was ill,chewing up the three piece suite that my mother in law gave us,the list is endless.The love and affection that each one gave to us !!!

They were all unwanted or ill treated ,and I cannot understand why people can be so cruel,they are worse than the dogs.


Hi Mike, so sorry to know that your much loved companion has passed away recently. We form

such a deep bond with our animals - our grief at the final parting is entirely understandable.

Have gone through this a number of times in the past and know how hard it is. I could only think of all the love and care that had been given and the happy life I had provided for the this particular animal when it could have ended up anywhere. And I'm sure that you gave your best too.

As for having pneumonia - that will indeed make you feel all the more wretched in every way and I do hope things start to ease soon.

Don't worry about contributing to the site - you already are doing, and in time you'll be able to let us know how you're getting along.

Warmest regards,

Lovelight xx


Hi Mike,do hope you are feeling a tad better by now.You have been through the mill.

So sorry for the loss of your dog,I lost our best friend a few months ago,so understand your pain.Our garden is somewhat empty without Jaz,running around there.

Somehow,missed your blog till now.Anyway,all the best,

Hugs to you,Wendells xx

Thank you Wendells. I'm currently battling another bout of pneumonia so not feeling well at all.

Your hugs are needed and appreciated.

Thank you


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