Saddened by all the bickering

I joined this forum a week ago as I had just been diagnosed with severe copd. I was extremely concerned at that time and worried about my future. I had many helpful and reassuring comments, which made me feel not so alone. Its is a real shame that some people are so afraid of light hearted humour. It is so refreshing to laugh and not dwell on the illness we are suffering from and look for a positive side of life. The serious medical information is vital but we can balance this with a lighter view and not dwell on all the serious issues (which we all know are there), but need a breather to be ourselves and forget our condition.

Good luck to us all

Love Viv XXX

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me to it gets me down xx

Only joined a few days ago, but like you, I fail to see how humour is undermining the serious content on this site.

What has gone on I have just started reading

You need to go back to derrylynne's blog Open letter to the mediator.

"Open letter "..." has since been deleted...

The "Open letter" reffered to by Gordon was not deleted by any Moderators.


Fair enough - I apologise if I assumed it had been moderator deleted rather than poster deleted.

Ah! Now I get you. Stitches eh?

You dont come on here much, do you?

Replying gives attention and creates suspicion

KOTCs latest blog is called: You will be in stitches with this warned!

I looked in but did not comment on a heated debate

I wouldn't call it bickering, just discussion which can get heated. Usually, it will happen on Sunday when the moderator isn't around. You can bet on that, Quintus. The outcome was really that humour and lighter things should exist on the forum, just help people relax with deeper problems. All the best from Annie80 xx

sorry posted twice ooops

I am sad too. It is always at the weekend, when there are no moderators and there are particular individuals who continually change their identity to do it. They target a few specific people, but it affects us all. Something they don't see and don't care about.

As Gordon said on an earlier blog, this has been raised before and offers made to help. Nothing seems to change though.

All I can say is when you see the names of people who post most days, or at least sometimes during the week, whatever it might be about, they are fine and want to contribute to this site.

Lynne xx

Please don't be sad .This friendly site has something for everyone.


Read the KOTC humour show

Your daily tonic

Very positive use for everyone KOTC

All things to all people

I don't want anything to change on this site it's the best one I found. I love the laughter and I need the serious side too.

I am so busy reading everything here that I don't do enough job searches and have to lie to the JobCentre! :)

Bev x

The only bad part about the jokes is that they makes me laugh, which usually means I cough (quite a lot), but I will willingly put up with that to be cheered up by some of the great humour.

Hi moneal i,ll try to keep the funny's to a mini mum ( ah! So that's were they come from ) in the future, glad you enjoy them, take care and happy coughing. ;)

I love this site, I love the humour and need to read about these lovely peoples lives whether happy or sad. I do not want to read about illnesses in every single blog as I live with it on a daily basis caring for my husband (grumpy) as he is called.

So please, don't change it, okay talk about medical problems etc. as this does help other people who are having similar problems but also let us have a laugh as well because all I have at the moment is his illness and how much phlegm he has coughed up or how much urine he has passed. I am lucky, I am fit enough for my age (70) but he forgets that I am as much a victim of his illness as he is as I am also living with it on a daily basis and to make it worse, I could go on holiday, go to town, meet friends for a meal, but I can't and don't because I never leave him on his own as he gets panic attacks when I mention it.

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