A non serious blogger!!

As some may or may not know my name is Janet I have COPD and I am a widow, live on my own with two cats and my best friend is my lap top

Now the point of this post is I am bloody angry at the criticism from some who think this forum should be a soapbox for serious discussion all the while. I have never worn sack cloth and ashes over my COPD and I don't intend to start to do so now.

There is plenty of advice and help given out on here in various forms specifically from Gordon who is extremely knowledgeable about an enormous amount of things but who also has a sense of humour.

However I have no knowledge at all about benefits/housing etc other than from a totally outsiders view and from my previous employment (I know in some ways I am very lucky) so why would I want to comment on these posts although I read them.

I do however have experience in other areas and life and humour is one of them and I will continue to post about this.

Health advice is always helpful and I have received some great help when I have had a query BUT everyone of us is different for every diagnosis there are a mountain of symptoms and solutions. If I am in any doubt I would contact the BLF helpline or post on the question blog.

Anyway I think I have gone on enough if you disagree with what I have said that is your prerogative after all we have an opinion and this is mine and you have the freedom to disagree we do not need rules to enforce this.


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  • If the local Breath Easy groups were only allowed to talk about COPD related things I doubt they would last long. I treat this forum like a Breath Easy group.

  • No I dont disagree with you, jandan, in fact you are voicing my thoughts entirely. On a Sunday, there always has to be people that stir the dust. And they aren't trolls. I think the forum has, changed FOR the better. Life shouldn't be all gloom and doom. There people that like to get on their soapboxes and beat their drums - wish they would stay away!

    I believe there are changes coming up to the forum, whereby topics raised will come under different headings.. People coming on can choose to read what they want and sty away from the rest.

  • Well said Janet and Puff.

    I have very severe COPD and humour is a major part of dealing with this apart from chocolate, Olbas Oil (best advice ever Janet, thanks so very, very much) and my inhalers.

  • I agree it doesn't hurt to have a bit of fun , sometimes , it takes your mind of it remember, support, cry a little, laugh a lot


  • theotherdragon is my partner and she is banned from posting.

  • Disagree you must be JOKING you have my un-ending support for blog well said. :)


  • Pats Janet on the back and gives her a big wet kiss. Well said Janet. Bob xx

  • Hello Janet

    As I have said before, I have been told that I have COPD but because of courses of antibiotics have not yet had a confirmation.

    When I was told that I had COPD I went online to find out what I could and I have to say I thought "Oh my God I'm just going to become more and more ill and then I,ll die."

    I found this forum by accident and had lots of help, advice and comfort from members.

    I also found that the members actually had a life which was not solely to do with their particular illness. It changed my way of looking at things reading about pets, senior moments, KOTC's funny and hilarious jokes and puzzles and general day to day things.

    I find that most (not all) serious comments about our respective illnesses are in the 'Questions' and most (not all) of the not so serious things are in the 'Blogs'.

    Because of the funny/happy/sad blogs I, personally, have found that there is a life after being told the awful news that I have COPD.

    I would be very sad should this forum be solely about illness. 'Suicide is painless' so they say but I certainly don't want to be helped towards that by doom and gloom merchants!!!!!

    Personally, I need the help, advice and comfort given but I also need the reassurance that COPD is not my whole life - there is so much more.


  • Your comments are some of the best so just ignore the miserables and don't change one bit.

    You've got a great sense of humur Janet, Keep it going.

    Tony. xx

  • If it's a choice of laugh or cry, i'll choose laughter every time.

  • Well said jandan. I am now going to write a totally unmedical post so noses in the air to the moaners xxxx

  • With you on this Janet, every step.

    Lynne xx

  • Only been on this site a couple of days, but in that time, I've aired my concerns, received terrific, helpful advice, and felt welcomed into this community. I've also realised I'm not on my own. Being on this site has also helped me with chores I've been neglecting, such as cleaning my pc screen and keyboard - well, I needed to, after spraying them with a mouthful of coffee after reading yet another funny post.

    Keep up the good work JANDAN.

  • I agree with everything everybody has said and well done Jandan, may this site stay just as it is, it brightens my day, gives me a boost and that has got to do me good.

    Lib x

  • As a widow myself with the dreaded COPD amongst other things I try to smile all the time , some of the blogs help me to do that.As suggested the site often takes your mind off your own problems especially for those of us who live alone.Illness brings many other problems besides medical ones, as does widowhood.I joined the BLF forum which then became healthunlocked which consists of many varied health condition sites. I like a joke and a good discussion but I'm not a comedian., just a normal homely person thanks for your blog Janet, like you we all are different with different opinions, which some people may or may not agree with.I appreciate how you feel and no one has to visit the site if they don't like it do they?????

  • Well said Janet

    Linda x

  • hi janet i am also a widow ,have been since 2001 I am aged 71 and joined the sight a couple of months back i now have people that talk to me i look forward to comments jokes etc

    like you i love a laugh and always try to see the funny side of everything .

    To me life is to short to be miserable ,yes somtimes i am sad (note i used the word sad not depressed) we all have times of sadness , so a good laugh now and again is good for all of us and

    to heck with the rest .

  • So very well said Janet.This site has evolved into the spice of life in that there is something for everyone.Medical issues ,chit chat,daily experiences,humour,sorrow but most of all FRIENDSHIP.


  • Aaaah friendship. One of the best words in the English language....

    Bev x

  • Hi Janet-Well done,laughter is a great healer. Like you I have COPD (16 years) and live alone.

    While respecting this media and I have had serious helpful advice,we must be able to laugh at life if not ourselves. Keep it up.

  • Well said Janet. I personally only reply to blogs I feel I have an opinion on or can be of some help or support with. You do have a great sense of humour and often make me laugh so just carry on with that. Well done for being a cat lover too. I care for Pete with all his problems and also for MIL (along with the rest of the family too) who has dementia. Even that has its funny side sometimes. You have to laugh or you would just end up crying all the time. Not a good look. xxxx

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