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Just can't sleep


Hello everyone this is my first blog.I've had pulmonary fibrosis and bronchiectasis for several years and now use oxygen more or less all the time.Recently i started having trouble sleeping and it's got a point now where i get about 3 hours of broken sleep .I've tried the occasional sleeping tablet and herbal remedies still no joy.So if anyone could suggest something that would help i would be very grateful

Thanks for reading my blog


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Hello pedr and welcome to the site

I recently by accident found the use of Olbas oil helped me get my first good sleep for a while. I actually used the nasal stick but others said that a couple of drops on the pillow had helped them. This may or may not help but anything is worth a try :) I am sure others will be able to give you different advice and just think of the fun you can have trying them all out.



Lavender and camomile tea - and meditation -- sleep tight from annie80x


Occasionally I take a NYTOL tablet. NOT the herbal one but the other in the blue/white packet.

Think they're anti-histamine based. I checked with GP and he okayed it.. BOOTS also do their own called SLEEPE-EAZE - both good.

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So do I but I have to lie when they ask if I am on any other medication or they won't sell them. Some pharmacists think they know more than the gp's

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Some pharmacists DO know more than GPs (or at least are more aware) - one saved my life when a GP prescribed a medication that would have interacted very badly with another I was taking! x

Holland and Barrett valerian tea bags, I swear by them x


I know this sounds silly but it works for me. I rub lavender balm into the soles of my feet.

Thank you everyone who replyed to my blog ,i will try the sugestions you have made hopefully something will work.


I would suggest lavender too.

Lynne xx

Try a nightly dose of humour.


Read the KOTC humour show

Your daily tonic

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