Where was I

Things have been slipping out of my memory lately and I wondered if it was the COPD. So I went to see the Cypriot GP who’s been treating me for the last eleven years. He is 70, the same age as me, so I started by asking him if he had his flu jab this year. He is a b***er for not having it. Yes he assured me, he had.

We went on to discuss the situation in Cyprus and whether he was going there this year for his usual holiday. Following that he asked how my wife (who has been ill) was and had she returned to work yet. That led to discussing employment or the lack of it in this country. We had a really good fifteen minute natter.

As I was opening the door to leave he said, “What did you actually come to see me about today”. “Dunno” I said, “I’ve forgotten”.

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It pays to talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KOTC Who are you? lol

I think I just read that but not very sure lol :)

Lol. Your GP sounds lovely. :)

Sounds like my ex lung specialist,whom used to give me coffe & biscuits,using the hour up,telling me about his woeful children! Last ten minutes,would get down to my problems,hes retired now, but I still smile, when I think of him! xx

Oh to have a lovely GP like that. xxxx

Important to have a good GP that you can relax with! I have known mine for years.

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