The sun is shining and all is well with the world is it 'eck!!

So the sun really is shining which made me decide to gird my loins and walk out into the garden - a very hard decision for me - so I picked up my comfort blanket/crutch (used to be my cigs whenever I went outside now it is my phone) and out I boldly went.

Down the decking steps already cleaned and prepared by the wonderous Steve. Across the lawn I walked quite briskly (fibber) to the top of the garden (no it is not really big just like to big it up a bit) went to take a step up onto the raised bit to look at the few primulas blooming.

WHEN I went arse over tit :(

I had stepped on a slug and the damn thing made me slip right down no not onto anything hard but right into the middle of the mulch that Steve had put on the garden on Thursday just before it started to rain. I STINK!!! and my knickers are wet NO I did not wet myself but as I was righting myself I knocked the bird bath and it bloody emptied itself as if by magic all over my Bum!!

Bathtime now and sod the sun :P



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  • And i though i had bad look, hope yourok!! Bet the birds had a giggle if not the neighbours,

    ;) sigh never a camera about when you need one lol :)

  • I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself ! :D

  • Behave puff i'm already in stitches, 'an it hurts still sore from the last episode of the giggles. ;)

  • I dont blaim puff, just me, got a real crazy sense of humour, it helps to laughnow and again but must admit the serios stuff aside, i had a laugh every day since i joined blf

  • Oh Jan. I've just read about it on FB, but this description is the best ever. You need to post it on there.

    Lynne xx

  • Oh dear! A calamity trail in the garden - hope you are now back to norm. |Love Annie80

  • Lynne I would have my daughter around like shot and then I would get a lecture about not having phoned her and to be honest I just can't take it. I do love her but she does fuss if I was really hurt I would but the only thing really hurting is my pride :D

  • Jandan Sat in shock for some time at the thought of your "girded loins". I went in a real tizzy. Seriously though it was one of the funniest things I have read on here. Absolutely loved it. Bob xx

  • He he jandan. Just love your style of writing. Hope your bum and your pride are ok.

    love cx

  • Oh dear Jan, you need to use more water in that tipple, Hah. By the way I'm listening to kidderminster v Stockport on the BBC SPORT FOOTBALL website. 0-0 at the moment but your riding your luck a bit.

    Come on Stockport!!! we don't want Kiddi getting promoted or we won't be able to beat them next season and it won't be the same without Stockport County in our division.


    ps Hereford are winning 0-1 at Telford. :) Sorry about that.

  • Oh Janet, I really hope you have someone to kiss "it" better :D you poor lamb, did you check to see if anyone passing noticed? It,s the first thing I do on the odd occasion I,ve gone bum over boob :D hope your dignity is safely restored to you soon xxxx Karen

  • Very luckily my garden is not overlooked and no I don't have anyone to kiss it better and even if I did I don't think they would want to :P

  • Ah go on with you!! I bet someone would kiss it if they loved you an awful lot :D Good job about the garden though :) xxx

  • You one crazy lady..... :)

  • Just how much had you had to drink???? :P I hope you are okay and that you do not have after effects tomorrow. ((HUGS)).

  • Don't do as the mad people in this house (OK, mainly me) decided - first sign of sun and get the barbeque going - the food was OK but I've not stopped coughing yet. I knew there was some reason we didn't bother with charcoal last year, or the year before.

    I wasn't daft enough to stand over the thing as it flared up (too much fluid again) or as it settled down through clouds of smoke, but I waited patiently until it was ready to cook on.

    Daft beggar here just had to show off his ability to throw food on the floor instead of picking it up and transferring it to a plate. I need revision lessons in handling BBQ tongs I think.

    My wife figured out how to distract me, she poured me a beer - badly, and I had to try and rescue my Timothy Taylor's Landlord - to heck with the cooking :)

    (I'm trying to wipe my mind of visions of Janet's girdled loins too, I didn't have my glasses on when I started to read this blog)

  • What a saga!

  • Mad dogs and English men, and women, affected by the midday sun !

  • Oh dear Janet - its the birds I feel sorry for! :)

  • I have a feeling that Jan would not have wrung them out to refill the bath for the birds... :D

  • big hug . and ouch but proud of you that u went in garden and with out a ciggy too.

  • Oh dear Jan,you aint having much luck lately!! Glad you escaped falling into the eggs anyway!

    Best blog, I have read for a while.Please take care,& hopefully the sun will shine on another day, for you to enjoy,without the dramas!! xxx

  • Delete is me, with Annies disease!! lol.Still having a ot of probs. posting

  • Oh I cant stop laughing I have the picture set in my mind :d

  • Sorry to laugh Jan but I just got this image in my head! I do hope your poor bum and dignity are both ok now and I hope you won't be black and blue in a day or two. It could only happen to you! xxxxx

    I'm a poet, and don't even know it! (do really) xxx

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