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Shadows on both lungs

Hi I am new to this site and would like to ask the sites advice.

In January this year my GP sent me for x ray on my chest as I was having trouble breathing and in pain when I breathed, pain was central and to the side and back of the chest. X ray result showed shadows at the bottom of both lungs. My GP said they were of a characteristic pattern but would not elaborate on that. I have seen a respiratory consultant, who has send me for blood tests, pulmonary function tst, CT scan and I have a heart echo this Monday. I have been treated for asthma over the years but docs don't think it is this giving me problems.

When I had my pulmonary test I asked if all was ok and the technician said the test showed my lungs were in the normal parameters of the test.

I will mention also that the pain is worse when I lay down especially on the left side. The pain is so bad I cant breath and wakes me up. Pleurisy has been ruled out. I also have Lupus a very nasty disease that can attack the body and internal organs, but could that put shadows on my lungs? Any advice would be so gratefully accepted as I am confused by all of this and just wondered if anyone on the site had had these tests/ especially the pulmonary test that had come back within normal limits.

Thank you

Caz59 x

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Hello and welcome caz59. I can't offer any advice as my problem is emphysema. It may do you some good to call the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555.


Hello and welcome caz59 have the experts with the results do their work our community supports all lung conditions with understanding we have had the same worries that are with you now.


Hi caz and welcome. Your consultant seems to have been pretty proactive and I hope you have an appointment with him/her soon to get some answers. I've had a couple of shadows in past and they turned out to be the remnants of infection.

Good luck caz

love cx


Hi Sorry To Hear About Your Problems ..... Could Be Anything Really Ad Try Not To Strees Over It ..... As Others Have Said If You Are BLF A Call Or Email

Could Be Infection Or Pneumonia Or Emphysema / Bronchitis All Depends What Your History Is ... But Yes Ad Try Not To Worry

All The Best Hope That Helps


Hi guys thanks for all your help. I was a bit worried about it because of the fact my pulmonary test was fine. I have to see the consultant on May 23rd so hopefully it wont be anything serious.

Thanks again

caz59 x


HI Caz i also have sle lupus, and emphysema.

I do not think the lupus is affecting your lungs but i hope not.I also get a lot of pain and the doctor say's it is the lining of my lungs that is where the pain is.

Sorry i cannot tell you much more but if you would like to talk i will be more than happy.

I have had lupus for nearly five years and yes you are right it is a dreadful disease.

Take care Lornadoon


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