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Obesity and Breast Cancer

A report issued last month showing the results of a trial in USA proved a link between dairy and breast cancer. It is thought that natural growth factors in dairy closely resemble eostrogen which is known to promote breast cancer. This should not come as a surprise because it has been recognised for a long time that breast cancer is far less prevalent in China and Japan where less dairy is consumed. This anomoly cannot be explained by ethnicity since Chinese women in Hong Kong who have a more westernised diet develop higher rates of breast cancer than those in rural parts of China.

Unlike goats, cows have developed a defense mechanism which relies upon piling on weight in a short time to protect them against predators. On the other hand goats rely upon being 'fleet of foot' - so goat's milk has fewer bulk producing agents.

About a decade or so ago farmers were adding more artificial growth factors to cow's feed such that the milk yield of cows was growing year on year. Apparently the milk lake and butter mountain just wasn't big enough! These additional growth agents were subsequently banned by the EU and since then the incident of breast cancer in UK has reduced. Auntie NHS has told us that this is because more women are undergoing screening but did they say this because they just happened to be promoting screening at the time?

Many would argue that dairy has always been part of a healthy diet. This is true but today because lactose and whey are cheap and tasty they come top of every food technologists list of ingredients so we consume far more dairy than say the Victorians did. NB - even cows give up dairy once they pass puberty.

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hmmm, this is one food we should buy organic.

It was reported several years ago that little boys and youths in Adentina and/or Brazil were growing breasts due to the oestrogens in beef and dairy.


Adentina = Argentina!! Tired, cant type today .........................................


Yes man boobs seem to be a new phenomenon but I haven't read anything that links this with dairy. I remember watching an old episode of Dad's Army where Captain Mannering had them doing keep fit in shorts and vests. By today's standards they were all skin and bone - even the well rounded one didn't seem to have any flab.

I can't see how organic would help - is it available for dairy? I would say limit dairy by buying semi skimmed milk, soya margarine, avoid processed foods - but if not then buy 'dairy free' processed foods. Eat salads and meat and two veg.


I had oestrogen positive breast cancer and was told by my surgeon not to eat anything with soya, such as soya milk (which is OK for breast cancer that is not oestrogen positive, because soya mimics our oestrogen. Having asked more recently they tell me that "the jury is still out" but a small amount might be OK. Have you noticed how soya seems to be in nearly everything. I can't find a loaf of bread without it (and it makes the bread taste so dull). Yes, it is a form of protein and starch but yuk. My breast cancer came about because I was on hormone patches, for which I was very grateful, but my symptoms came back and my gynaecologist doubled the dose! Big mistake! However it was caught very early by a sharp eyed girl in the mammogram truck. The sample was pre-cancerous oestrogen positive cells. Had them removed had a bit of radiotherapy and then went onto Arimidex (anastrozole) tablets for five years, and a few mammograms an ten years later I've been "written off". Always attend screening, always ask if your cells are oestrogen positive or not (sometimes they forget to test them) and if so fight to go on Arimidex rather than Tamoxifen. You can only have Arimidex if you are at risk of developing another cancer elsewhere such as in the womb. If you have thickening of the lining then you qualify. Good luck and keep asking questions. You are as much in charge of your body as they are!


Might well be something in the milk theory, though I have drunk much more since my opp and nothing has shown up on the mammograms -yet.


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