I have been diagnosed with copd for ten years, last year i had a bad acerbation,brought on mainly bacause my husband was being treated for bowel cancer and it got rather stressful. I joined a copd rehab programme shortly after my husband died, and i have gained a lot from it .I spent easter in London with my youngest daughter, something i didn't think i would be able to do again.Preston stationhas always been a worry for me, but i find that catering for the disabled has been upgraded since the last time i was there and lifts are available which i didn't know about before.

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  • Hi tatteka, I,m sorry you,ve had a rough few years, but so glad you are still able to get out & see your family :) If you are new to the site Welcome & if not Hi,

    Karen x

  • Very welcome to this site, tatteka. you will all the people are friendly, helpful and very positive about everything. Good to get out and about. Love Annie80x

  • Hi tatteka. friendship is the name of our game.If you like a bit of gentle humour take a look at my blogs.


    Read thev KOTC Humour show

    Your daily tonic

    Comments welcome.

  • A very warm welcome to you tatteka

    Love cx

  • Hi Tatteka, I'm Bob the modest, shy, unassuming, good looking one. This is a great site with some lovely people on it. They are a mine of information and have taught me no end of things. I hope you enjoy your time on here Bob x

  • Hi and welcome tatteka. You'll get a mix of serious and fun on here. :)

  • Big welcome from me to!! Sorry to hear of the tough times you have had,hope things turn around for you now.Good to hear you had a nice time out with your daughter,maybe other places are more disable friendly now,you will have to explore them!

    Hugs, Wendells xxx

  • Hello Tatteka. I'm Lynne, 58, and have moderate COPD (emphysema) but manage fine.

    Welcome to the site which is full of lovely people.

    Lynne xx

  • Hello and welcome to the site.

  • WelcomeTatteka I am the idiot with a spider on her head, you will love visiting here so many helpful and fun people. xx

  • hi .sorry u have had a rough journey lifes a bitch.as sillywitch says if ur new a big welcome.im copd moderate,learned loads of ppl on hear also blv nurses are just a pone call away.im 63 live in oldham .take care u are not alone ive found that out by this site thank god there are ppl to talk to that are the same .

  • Hi Tatteka and welcome to the site also, I have learnt so much from the lovely people on this site, they have changed what was a very scary diagnosis into something, that i am sure I can live with for many more happy years. (I remember the perils of Preston station). take care Linda xx

  • I had an acerbation last year and i had the virtual copd ward looking after me, they were tremendous, but i had to be hospitalised and my husmand was in hospital as well my poor daughter was visiting me then taking me in a wheelchair to see my husbeand.

  • Hi tatteka. I know preston well being a prestonian:) yes.. the station is much better than it was when disabled folk had to go from one end to another and back again. Hope life keeps getting brighter :) x

  • What a lovely wlcome from everyone, i am sure my time on this site is going to be entertaining and helpful. I recently bought a dvdon lin called Alive and active , the exercises are similar to what we were doing on copd rehab sessions , ihave watched it a couple of times, one of these days i might even join in.

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