chest infections

Hello guys, just wondering out of interest, how many chest infections people get in a typical year.

I have severe COPD. I was on a rehab course last year and people said they generally only had 1 or 2 infections a year,

I have been getting continual infections since November 2011 and will be having a CT scan soon. Some infections go on for weeks. I get prescribed antibiotics, it clears up and another one comes along within a week to 10 days.


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  • Hi, Think You Will Find .... Colds Then Chest Infections Are Going To Be Part Of Life From Now On .... Depends What Degree Of COPD You Have

    If Your A Smoker That Won't Help .... And Kids The Little Girms Don't Help Too

    But Yes I Have Had Chest Infection And When It Not That Its A Cold .... But I Would Prefer A Cold As My Breathing Is Not As Bad With Them

    Cheers All The Best Hope That Helps :)

  • cheers mate, i don't smoke, no kids around but thanks anyway! :)

  • Hello sirjames

    I get approximately 8/9 infections a year, and I have mild to moderate COPD. Sometimes they last for a few weeks, and I have to take steroids as well as antibiotics, and sometimes they clear up after the first course of antibiotics. I've learnt to try to catch them quickly so that they don't get a hold. Oh, and also to not overdo things when I'm on the mend. It's so easy to think you're better and then do too much to compensate for when you're unwell. It sounds to me as if you might be getting a bit of a resistance to the antibiotics, but that's just a guess as obviously I'm no medical expert.

  • thanks for the reply and interesting you get many infections too. I like not give in to them and still go the gym even with infection lol :)

  • I have a severe COPD diagnosis and luckily my exacerbations happen about once a year.

    I used to get a 'chest infection' every onset of winter. GPs would treat with antibiotics. To cut a long story short, my problems were more responsive to oral steroids than antibiotics.

  • thank you - I'll remember that when seeing specialist :)

  • Honestly, I have lost count and I dont even have COPD - just bronchiectasis. The respiratory nurse phoned me today with view to a referral to a consultant. I have been on the go all winter with chest infections. Usually worse in the summer but now bad in the winter.

    what is bothering me is that my husband has just commenced chemo., which lowers the immune system. Necessary that something has to be done.

  • sorry to read your situation which sounds worse than mine.:)

  • Annie I've noticed you sometimes say 'just bronchiectasis' hun and I don't understand why. I am also surprised you are not already under the care of a respiratory consultant. You might want to check you get referred to a consultant who has a special interest in cf/bronchiectasis, more important than ever now with your hubby.

    Good luck with your referral.

    Love cx

  • Helo, I have very severe COPD and do not generally get chest infections at all. I have no mucous unless I have a cold and don't cough much either. Just goes to show how different we all are. :)

  • Hi, same as auntymary in all respects but did get a chest infection every month for twelve months up until October last year; since then just one. What's changed? Not much except eating better and keeping weight constant (albeit very low) and having a Multibionica fizzy orange every day.

  • you sound very lucky!

  • forgot the smile :)

  • Golden Rule No 1 - NEVER forget to smile ! :) :)

  • Golden rule No 2. NEVER remind anyone about smiling lol:)

  • Hahahahahaha ! :)

  • :) :):) and one for the weekend :)!!

  • I shall add it to my collection and practice whilst quaffing me Orange Baileys :)

  • Carry on quaffing - is it legal in Dorset lol! :)

  • I hope not - wouldn't be half as much fun! :)

  • thank you. interesting and you're so right - we are all so different :)

  • Hi sirjames I had none at all last year but two the year before that. Looks like I have been pretty lucky compared to some. Bob

  • Hi Bob, It seems you sure are lucky - I hope I get a dose of luck soon :)

  • Like auntymary. I am moderate and have had one chest infection in the last 25 years or so.

    Rarely get a cold either. I do eat healthily and I exercise, but there must be ore to it. People on here get worse than me with a less severe level. I don't understand.

    Lynne xx

  • Blimey - there must be a lot more to it- I eat well and 75mins aerobic and cardio exercise at the gym 4 times week. :)

  • I am severe, but infections are constant, almost one every month. This year particularly bad, but have been off antibiotics now for one whole week....touch here's hoping I get a break. My new toy is a flutter pipe, so hoping it will help. Yes I exercise to the best of my ability,and try to do everything to help myself. :)

  • Thanks ingy and I hope the flutter pipe works for you and you get some time off infections. We're such a mixed bag on here, all struggling along one way or another :)

  • Hi sirjames

    I had strep pneumoniai in Oct 2011 and from Dec 2011 like you I have had constant infections. The bugs when cultured have always been haemophilus influenzae, which my consultant thinks I am colonised with and which has now become resistant to amoxil and augmentin. Cons tried Rafimpacin along with Doxy and I had horrid side effects. Reckons home IV's might be next step. I don't have copd but have bronchiectasis and asthma.

    I wondered if you have put in a sample for culture before starting antibiotics during any of the infections. Really glad for you your cons has arranged a ct scan. Hope the bugs take a holiday somewhere else and give you a break.

    love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop. I have bronchitis/emphysema. I always put a sample in and am prescribed antibiotics, but most bronchitis infections are viral, so antibiotics have no effect. I understand a secondary bacterial infection might develop and so the antibiotics will work in that instance.

    I have not had any tests since diagnosis 8 years ago, so it will be interesting to see where I am after tests and scan. I hope your situation improves :)

  • A couple of years ago I was have continuous infections until my consultant put me on Azithromycin 3 times a week and touch wood been much better.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly, I hope I get offered similar after my tests. When you say you have been much better - do you get much less infection now? :)

  • Good point polly - I know lots of bronchiectatics who find prophilactic abs very beneficial - in the main Azith 3 times like Polly - they report fewer infections. Unfortunately I don't tolerate Azith - wish I did.

    love cx

  • Like you I get back to back infections, take a course of anti biotics, improve, wait three days, and off it goes again.

    I do have a pseudomonas bacteria that has taken up residence in my lungs, tough little so and so's that can't be cleared. The hospitals are trying to find a combination of A/Bs to keep it under control. Might be worth asking next time you have to take a sputum sample if they could check if you have it too. It has to do with lowering your immune system as it tries to fight the pseudomonas

  • Thanks Moneal. Yes I had Pseudomonas last summer that took 2 months to clear. I will ask if I have it again. I hope they find a combination that will work for you. I'll be interested to hear how you get on, all the best,

    Jim :)

  • i get one about every 4 months it seems take all my meds and always get the flu jab when i was still working and un diagnosed it was every other month eing in contact with lots of people puts u at risk

  • Flu jab good - so hard to avoid infections :)

  • I can get about 5 or 6 a year

  • Thanks for the reply - it's too many isn't it? my 'normal' ones last about 2 weeks and others can go on for weeks, all of it seems like it's one big infection lol!1


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