As requested -------some easier riddles-------HEE Hee

Fridays riddles for the less...... minded


I am taken from a mine,and shut in a wooden case,from which I am never released.

and yet I am used by almost everybody.


What goes round he house and in the house but never touches the house?


What is it you can keep after giving it to someone else?


What walks all day on it's head?


What gets wet when drying?


What comes once in a minute,twice in a moment,but never in a thousand years.?


What is round as a dishpan,deep as tub,and still the oceans couldn't fill it up?


There were five men going to church and it started to rain.The four that ran got wet and the one that kept still stayed dry.


The more you take the more you leave behind.What are they?


He who has it doesn't tell it.He who takes it doesn't know it.

He who knows it doesn't want it.What is it?


Brothers and sisters have I none but that man's father is my father's son.Who am I?


Who spends the day at the window,goes to the table for meals and hides at night?


I bind it and it walks,I loose it and it stops


What goes round and round the wood but never goes intothe wood?


I went to the city,I stopped there,I never went there,and I came back again

Score up to 5 = Did you have help?

Score up to 10 = Did you have a lot of help?

Score up to 14 = Did somebody do it for you?

!!!Scored!!! 15 Fan-dabi-dozi !!!

Richard Cornish


Went to Breathe Easy,stopped there,and went back again.

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25 Replies

  • easy one no

  • Are you still trying?

  • King!!

    Where on earth do you find all these things.


  • Brain power HeeHEE

  • Tinternet ;)

  • Under my hairNET

  • Got some of them working on the others :-)

  • Take your time then all of your brains will be working !

  • Scored up to five with no help -does that make me this Friday's genius?

    Would someone provide the answer to number eleven before I crack (is it himself?)

  • No it is oops!

  • Seven waiting for help from a mug of coffee :-)

  • You are doing well,plenty of time left.

  • score 0 ah well never mind :) brain been given weekend off!

  • Try when brain starts up again. The prize is 'satisfaction'

  • Far to old to be getting that King :D

  • I cannot put an answer to that on this site.But satisfaction pleases different people in many ways(I will stop there before I get to involved)

  • :D thank you for the smile, I,ll go cool my face now :)

  • Did you BLUSH?

  • I did :) & It,s your fault :D

  • I go for a good old cup of coffe or two and then think about them .

  • That's the way,relax and think

  • Well I got 2 keep, telling you I am a dumbo !!!

  • That sounds like an improvemant to me!

  • Couldn't get any of these! Heres another one

    Whats taken to wembly for the FA cup final every year and never used?

    Bev x

  • The losers ribbon.

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