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Heart Stopping Moment!!!


Hi all, My phone rang today, it was the Transplant co-ordinators number showing on the screen. I paused, took a deep breath and answered it, The co-ordinator asked for somebody elses name, not mine, I told her my name, she made an apology and said my number must have been put down on somebody elses name by accident and she was gone.

I think my heartbeat has only just returned to normal.

I think Its going to take a little time to get used to living on the Transplant List. He He.

They told me to keep on living a normal life, some chance of that I'm thinking.

Keep Strong everybody 'Kay Sera Sera, Whatever will be will be' my friends :)


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OMG! I would be making very sure they sort those numbers out Tony. Don't let them have something for you and be ringing someone else! Remember, God helps those who help themselves. Breathe easy. xx

Oh dear,hope the heart is back to normal. Look on it as a practice run,sit down and have a stiff drink (small one !!) blow it have several xx

Heart stopping? it would be a little further down where my reaction would set in :D

My fingers are still crossed for you



Omg.... I can't believe they got phone numbers wrong in such a life changing situation ... But it's really good to see you are still laughing lol ...... I think we are all here waiting for the phone call for you too tony! Heather

Hello Dall

That was a terrible mistake to make. I know that we all make mistakes but that is dreadful. It isn't as though it's a 'run of the mill' phone call.

You must feel absolutely deflated. When the phone rang and I recognised the number I know that Iwould have thought 'OMG - it's my turn'.

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that.

Keep hoping - it will be your turn one day soon.

Kind regards and best wishes




Hi Tony,can't bear to think about how I would feel in that position! Thank God for your sense of humour!! Can't believe they could make a mistake like that.

Never mind,next time, will be for real,our prayers & hope go with you,chin up!!

Love Wendells xxx

Your sense of humor must be really whacky to still be smiling Tony, :D keep it up with calls like that you are going to need it Good Luck & I hope you real call comes soon xxx Karen

As the song goes, 'Heartbeat why do you miss when my co-ordinator phones me'

What can you say, fellow sufferers, these things happen, thank god Iv'e got nerves of steel because I think I'm going to need them if this sort of thing is going to happen.

Nothings perfect in this world so why should this be any different.

Anyway its great to be able to talk about these things as they happen, It really helps to have the backing of all you wonderful people out there.

Tony. Love you all :)

Hi Tony, Sorry to hear it wasn't your turn - as others have said do make sure they have the right number for you.

By the way did you get my email ?

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