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ABG reading of 10


The Rapid response nurses visited yesterday to do a ABG reading, they had trouble obtaining one at the clinic last time I attended as my ear lobes are very small and don't yeild blood willingly. My consultant said she was hoping to wean me off suplementary oxygen don't want to cause type 11 COPD ????? I have just recovered from an infection, not sure what type did have a problem with my kidney high temp, itching like crazy very sob but no cough or mucus did have a sinus infection I think, I took my Steroids and antibiotics finishing the course last sunday...Monday morning I woke to little or no breathing difficulty at all and was like it for 3 days even managed my ironing not been like this for over 6 months since prior to diagnosis. She told me to discontinue the suplementary oxygen and they will test my ABG in June, I am feeling a little stressed by this since she gave me no other info as usual I hardly slept through the night my chest was a little wheezy, I woke with severe chest pain pins and needles and cramp this morning, I took some Gaviscon thinking it may be heartburn and ventolin...eventually it eased but I have a really bad headache, sob and wheezy on exertion.....eventually I managed to take my medication and co-codemol and I brufen and feeling a little better but only on rest

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Second night without oxygen but woke with such a severe headache I could hardly lift my head off the pillow, my vision is very blurred and eye painful is it normal to have migraine first thing in the morning I am taking betahistamine, Ibrufen and co-codemol but so far no relief

Oh air hunter sounds like your having a very difficult time, how are you doing now x x x

Still very sob moving around and have this intense headache my husband is away today so I am alone, I wish they would explain things properly it's been over 6 months and only seen my consultant once for a few minuits since being discharged from hospital she asked how I was and one or two other questions then left the room before I could answer, as it was I had the discharge from hell it was so badly organised. When they have explained things (Very briefly) they have contradicted themselves on the next visit we have no idea where we are or what to expect from one day to the next.

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