Can this get any worse

I am 35 and have copd since being diagnosed 2 years ago of having moderate emphysema I have battled injection after in infection had phenomena 4 times. And constent chest infection I now have been classified as server. As a result of the constant illnesses I first lost my job then my partner and now my home. I do have a new job but fear I will loose that one if I have time off when ill so I try to fight through which just makes things worse to the point I can not get up to go which then means I don't get paid which is how I lost my home.

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  • James you are having an awful time. Why don't you ring the BLF helpline as they can advise on your illness and your financial situation? Good luck.

  • Thank you aunty Mary I will phone them today and see what they have to say

  • James, sorry you are going hrough this, follow Aunt Mary's advice. You need help.M

  • Hi mocarey thank you I am going to ring them today and see what they have to say or can do.

  • James, you need to talk to someone, GP, counselling,etc. You are young and you will cope with the right sort of help. Wish I could advise but something has to be done. I am no expert but I can wish you, James.

  • Thank you Annie I see my GP on regular occasions but all he can do is keep giving me medication to fight the illness I have at that time. Not sure what eles he can do.

  • OMG - you are having a dreadful time. Please ring the BLF and ask their advise - I am sure they could offer some help. Also there are local Breath Easy Groups that maybe able to help. And my husband was referred to the specialist respiratory team who have been fantastic support - perhaps you have one in your area? Your Doctor will know. My advise would be to ask and ask and ask again for help. There seems to be an assumption that COPD sufferers are coping unless you ask for help. Good luck and I hope you find the support you need. With love TAD xx

  • What great advice James,you certainly need some professional help.You must be feeling very alone at the moment.So sorry to hear of your woes.Do get on that phone though,also make sure you get a specialists advice,some Gps are great,but others not very understanding,or not knowledgeable about lung diseases.

    I wish you all the best,& hope the future looks a bit brighter soon!

    Hugs Wendells. xxx

  • The BLF are so pleasant and helpful.

  • Hi James

    Just seen your post. Really sorry you have had and are having a rough time. Glad you are contacting BLF, where I am sure you will get the advice you need to get the help you need.

    Good luck James

    Love cx

  • Oh, that is are so young too. Are they telling you what is the cause of all this? You definately need advice from somewhere how to manage your life around your illness. Please do not forget food is a medicine....collect all the info you can on food for the lungs. and the body in general. Patrick Holford has a good book out, The Ultimate Food Bible. Got mine from Amazon...have a look you have nothing to lose. There are also lung exercises on U tube to strengthen your lungs, and you can sit in a chair to do them...I have started doing them myself and truly believe they will help. I have inflammation in my lungs, and with more tests truly believe they are going to get to the bottom of what is attacking my lungs....problem going on for at least 5 years, yes the chest infections, pneumonia a few times...only I am 65 and retired unlike yourself you have a working future ahead of you. I am so sorry you have lost your home, and indeed your partner..hopefully you will meet someone nice soon. Don't despair and give up....there are answers out there for you., but you have to search for them.....And, please value yourself!! xx

  • I would like to say thank you to you all for your comments and advice its really nice to hear from people who are going through and have similar problems and understand how it feels. I will be taking all the good advice I have been given by you all again thank you

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