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Hi how is everyone getting on with their blue badge renewals. I sifted out Hospital letters and re hab letters and sent a prescription form with all meds on it. It was a good thick wadge of paperwork and sent it all off. Pleased to say it arrived today so was worth all the raking out of info. No assessment either and that was worrying me a bit , hope everyone is being successful with theirs.

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  • Hi Wellman2,

    I am still waiting for my application to be approved and not heard nothing in weeks now. I don't know who to contact and what I should do about it. I have also been waiting for a wet room to be put in for three months now and still no word on that either. I feel invisible :-(

    Lynda. x

  • There are no invisible members we are all in this together supporting each other.Sorry I can't help more on the blue badge as mine is automatic with high rate mobility dla as one of the qualifying benefits, picture taken and ten pounds quite a simple process.

  • Hi cuddles in our area local council deals with the applications for blue badge. They have a special Blue Badge Team don t know whether this helps . I know it s a lot of hassle and you probably don t like doing it, but make some noise about the wet room. I.s that the council dealing with that as well cos you do sometimes get forgotten go on make yourself visible

  • Hi Lynda, try ringing your local town hall and asking for a number for the department that issues the badges then chase them up. xx

  • Mine runs out in 2015. I was quite surprised when I got it. I applied online. I put down I had COPD Stage 3 ( My previous doctor got it wrong and was useless so i changed doctors ) and couldn't walk far without getting out of breath. A week or two later I had proper tests at the hospital and was diagnosed very severe Stage 4. I thought I'd better call the Blue Badge people to update them. The chap on the phone said it didn't really matter as my Blue Badge was on its way ! I don't know if they contacted my new doctor or not but they didn't ask for any documents from me of any sort. Different areas I suppose. Maybe the Blue Badge lot know more about COPD in this area ?

  • Hi Hergernt

    I have had the council apply on my behalf to the adult social services for the blue badge scheme. I too am on the high rate D.L.A due to severe walking difficulties and yet they still haven't (the council, that is) seem to have got me registered as disabled, even thought I have a mobility scooter paid out of my D.L.A each month, a walking stick for the good days and 2 crutches on bad days if going by bus and yes I have a disabled person's bus pass?? So what am I doing wrong? I don't want to keep bothering people, I hate being a burden and feel like I am :-( Puff do you have a link to apply on line please?

  • Ring adult social services (number from your local town hall) and give them hell! xx

  • Or contact your local MP - he will make them jump. xx

  • From posts placed here councils appear as though they will take the scheme as they please, A link with the governments guidelines for local authorities should some challenge be required on the use of guidelines and meaning.

  • Mine just appeared as if by magic 3 weeks before my old one ran out. I suspect it depends on where you live, I live in Hampshire. I have never filled in a form my GP said that it would make life easier and made it happen.

    Mind you I know that I am very lucky to have a very pro active GP who bends over backwards to be helpful.

  • I wish mine was as good as that. The care seems to be really hit and miss in some areas don't you think

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