Over the last few days several things have cropped up on here that made me wonder about taking my inhalers. Was I getting sloppy after eleven years? Answer? Yep!

This morning I re-read all the instructions and added to them comments made on here.

Started off with the Ventolin, waited 15 minutes, then the Seretide 500. 15 minutes later the Spiriva. All taken exactly as per the instructions.

I feel really great. Breathing is very much easier. It's worth a try gang Bob.

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  • Good thinking batman,,,think we all need to do the same..... :)

  • I take mine exactly the opposite to you Bob, Spiriva, seretide then salamol. Going to try the other way round tomorrow

    Lib x

  • Libby I got the running order from a comment on here where someone said they had been told to use the ventolin first to open things up for the other two inhalers Bobxx

  • Makes sense.

    Lib x

  • With a golf swing get the basic spot on the it stays with you same goes for inhalers then nothing needs tinkering with the basic foundations put down years ago take care of business.

  • I'll give it a go as well. I just take mine at roughly the same times every morning as a matter of routine so I probably haven't been getting the proper amount.

  • Like you I've just become so use to useing them I do it on auto poilet. Tomorrow I'll think about what I'm doing and leave 15mins between the seritide and spiriva. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Thanks for the reminders


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  • Thank you, I'm going to get up and give that a go right now. P

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