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I'm not a morning person

But today I had to take our dog to the vet to have an infected tag removed. The vet's surgery is about 500-600 metres away - downhill all the way - which was not a problem, but the return journey UPHILL, without dog was quite debilitating with frequent rests (about 4 stops on the way back - Phew!). I felt every metres and I really did not get myself together for the rest of the day despite having to go to the supermarket (otherwise no food tonight!!!). It wasn't the hard breathing that took its toll but the strain on my breathing muscles. Ah! Well! back to the exercising tomorrow. Stay well. Martin

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Keep well mate,,, hope the dog ok,,,,keep up the excersise it good for you.... :)


Congratulations on you walking to and from the vets! Hope the dog recovers quickly.

Sounds like you have the right attitude. Keep active as you can




You're doing the right things even when it's difficult we'll done good man.


Super stuff Martin, you set an example to us all. Give my regards to the dog as well, it's a long walk on little legs Bob


Hope the dog is okay. :)

We have very strong winds in Yorkshire today and I am just wondering whether to cancel my lunch date or not. Luckily though it will not involve much walking. Take care.


Well done, remember it was 1200m all together. So congrats and no wonder you were tired. Have you got to collect dog?


Job well done :)


Up Up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!


the KOTC laughter show

your daily tonic


Thanks guys for you valued encouragement - it is really appreciated. Yep, collected the pooch - she is well on the way to recovery from her little op. Hmm. collected her in the car - for two reasons - she was still groggy after the op and didn't want to stress the stitches and also I felt I had had enough exercise related stress for the day. Cool here overnight....14 degrees C - coldest day of the year so far. Stay well. Martin


Congrats on doing so well! Hope your little dog is ok. Yes the nights are a bit cooler,but enjoying the 25c-29c temps through the day!! Especially as we are in Autumn!

Wendells xx


I totally refuse any morning appointments,

Don't want to come across as a sort of Victor Meldrew to anyone in Officialdom but I would have to write the whole day off if I had to do things before my body was ready.

Just tell them that it takes 90 minutes for your nebuliser treatment to complete and an hour for the rest of your meds even if that is a "slight" exaggeration lol.

People are usually more than willing to work around your health problems.

Give it a go ,



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