wits end

Yesterday I spent the morning at my local hospital having cat scans on chest and heart,in the afternoon I had to go back for appointment at the chest clinic.only to be told when booking in,Oh ! This appointment has been cancelled because of deteriation.Whats that all about !!!!!! It turns out that on 4th of April when I was told to go to hospital and would be staying for a couple of days for tests,which,by the way resulted in a ECG and some blood tests then allowed home after couple of hours cos could find nothing wrong? Last word from the doc was,make sure you keep your appointment on the 16th at chest clinic,only yesterday to be told that this same doctor cancelled it because of deteriation.!!!!

No one could tell me anything (even after numerous calls to GP )because.... And this is the funny bit. I haven't been signed of from the hospital from my stay on the 4th because they "Haven't Got Round To It Yet." !!!!!!!

I know today is going to be a very stressful day trying to sort this mess out and to see what the heck is going on !

Sorry guys. But had to let off steam to someone

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  • Feel free to let off steam as much as you like we will listen and help if we can. I know it is easy to say but please try not to get too stressed you will suffer in the long run. When you phone insist on talking to the Organ Grinder not the monkeys. Good Luck xx

  • Bye the way Good Morning it's nice to know someone else is up.

  • You deserve to let off steam Jambo It is so frustrating when things like this happen and it takes so long to get things sorted out. All I can do is wish you good luck with that. and try not to pull out too much hair in the meantime.

  • Good Morning, (not here dull and going to rain).

    What a day you had, it makes you wonder if they talk to each other at these hospitals at all.

    Why not try PALS at your local hospital and see if they can sort it out for you. Like exblonde says watch your stress levels let someone else do the work..

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

    polly xx

  • Hoping all goes well for you today,,dont let someone elses stupidity get you down... :)

  • Oh how frustrating and annoying! There's nothing worse than being messed about and no-one being able to tell you what's going on or why.

    Good luck with sorting it all out and practice deep breathing to the best of your ability. Hope to see more positive news on here later on.

    Keep smiling :)


  • Oh how frustrating - try PALS and let them have all the hassle on your behalf. Good luck. x

  • Enjoy your day! If sharing helps DO IT!


  • A few people mentioning PALS, the Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

    Thanks to the changes made to remove PCT's and put CCG's (Clinical Commissioning Group) in their place, the PALS info is not currently listed for your area - call 01522 513355 and see if they can help, just ask them for the PALS team. It was 0845 602 4384, but I can't check that as 08 numbers are barred on my phone - simply because of the cost.

    There's also a customer care manager based at County, 01522 573969 or email

  • I should really add, that info is tailored to Jambo for the area they live in, these numbers should not be used by people outside the Lincolnshire area ;)

  • Good advice Gordon.certainly will try.have been on to GP who is annoyed appointment was cancelled.promised to get to the bottom of it ASAP.

    So fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your knowledge on here,a lot of people be lost it you weren't there for us all.


  • Oh what a bummer. Hope things get sorted out for you soon Jambo.

    Love cx

  • I know how you feel, I read with interest the post of a few weeks ago on how good GP's are, and thought it must be me? there isn't a day goes by on here where some one has a GP faux pa C U:

    keep your chin up.

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