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A new life on the transplant list

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I started the day like any other but its not quite the same, somethings changed. Life is going to carry on the same but a phone will have to be everpresent and I'll be a little more twitchy around it. It'll take a little getting used too but the longer it goes on the more normal it will seem.

I started the day at breathe easy with a good workout, a cup of tea and a chat with that phone near by, then off to the nurse for an INR blood check, 2.6 great no change of dose.

Then it was back home to make the most of this glorious day, Lawn time with my little mates, land line phone and mobile phone.

I was surrounded by nature at work, birds singing everywhere especially the robin who never stopped, a pair of peregrine falcons flew over, they nest in the nearby quarry on the hills, there was even a few butterflys flicking about the place. I hope this is the start of a good time for all of us, but were at the mercy of mother nature, I hope she has no plans of ruining my lawn time.

I'm off now to watch Hereford utd v Mansfield and I fancy our chances even though they are in a promotion battle and we have little to play for now apart from pride and hopefully a pressure free crowd pleaseing performance.

COME ON HEREFORD!!! Of course my mobile and my wifes mobile will be there too. :)

Tony. Lets hope nature is kind to us and give's us a summer to remember eh'

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Hi Tony lovely blog and attitude. Your lawn is sounds so idyllic and your description makes me feel I'm there. May I join in everyone else's postings to your last blog and wish you all the very best and hopes that important phone call comes soon for you. Keep posting and COME ON HEREFORD for Tony!

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Delahunt in reply to lavender1

Hi Lavender good luck hope you receive the call soon good luck x 👍🏻Bernadette

Hey!!!! It's you we're rooting for, not Hereford. Don't get too excited at the match, but do enjoy.

breathe easy


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You'll never have a flat battery again. I'm sure after a couple of days it will be second nature to have them close by all the time. The time in th garden sounds great. I can only get into mine when I fill up the portable oxygen, my pipe is not long enough to get me out there! Here's hoping you don't have to wait too long. Tina x

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Great blog,, wishing a good result 2nite,,,, and in the future,,,, take care,, :)

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I can feel your joy spilling over. xx

Fantastic news tony...... Enjoy the lawn and nature and the good old footy match!! Heather

Hereford Eh.Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best attitude to take in any situation is that of positivity. 10/10 for this, dall05 Good luck! love Annie80 x

Great Blog, such positivity. Hope its a great year for you :)

best wishes. ingrid

Nicely put. When I went onto the list, I got myself a new mobile phone and only gave the number to Harefield. That way, I was in no doubt who was calling even before I answered it. Somehow this helped me not to be a rabbit caught in headlights when they said who they were. I am now 5 months post transplant surgery, and feeling great. Walking, swimming, going to the gym and heading back to work in a few weeks. Make sure you answer that call and when they say are you sure you want to proceed tonight, make sure you are. Best of luck to,you. Al

Thanks for the positive post Al, I see you havn't changed your name yet, Ha!. Your saying all the right things that will help to keep me thinking positive thoughts.

I wish you well and I hope your bringing home a great big wage packet soon, you thoroughly deserve it.


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