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Morning gang,i use 3 inhalors,,, salamol 100mcg as and when req,,, symbicort 400 twice morning twice evening,,, spiriva 18mcg once daily....Could there be anything in there use that would cause joint pain,mainly in my hands and ache every where else,,, my hands and wrists more than any where....Always had a strong grip,, now struggling to get most things ,open,,milk,, even a packet of cat food...Poss any conection.. ??

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Arthritis and omega 3 fish oil cross my mind, but I could be getting away from the point. I am sure that there are better informed people than myself, who will come forward, with better advice. Good luck id2409

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Thanks annie80 :)

I use exactly the same inhalers as you id2409, I don't get any joint pain but get very shakey hands when picking something small up, my wrists are not as strong as they were, have trouble opening my Ribena bottle ! I have always taken one omega 3 fish oil tablet daily which I think helps but read a recent report by some professor that they are not beneficial, you would need to take 10 every day to be of any help, I still take my one a day.

Lib x

I have mild/moderate copd and asthma and on spiriva and ventilin inhalers and I have sore joints and lots of aches and pains but they say I have fibromyalgia but I am not sure that I have that as there are no definitive tests to prove it.

id2409 Funny you should say that. This last two years I have had a similar problem. Pain in my thumbs and wrists and unable to grip properly. X-ray ruled out arthritis. I moved onto Spiriva about 30 months ago and I also have Seretide 500. I think the Spiriva is the only common thing between us. Bob

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Thanks bob could be the Spiriva,,seeing nurse next week for spirometer will check it out.

Hi id2409, I have the same think going on I've always put in down to having lupus and fibro but it does make you wonder if Sprivia would have anything to do with it. I only developed the pains and weakness about 3 years ago at that stage I would have been using sprivia about 6/9 mths.

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Only been using it 2month,,but was before i started,..... :)

oh thank goodness someone else has these aches,,my wrists and thumbs plus my little finger give me no end of grief,,never had it before,,although i do have arthritus,,the doc keeps telling me its wear and tear


hello i had to stop using spiriva shocking pain when going to loo

every thing ok praise the lord

saltaire x

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