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Chest Pain / Lung Diseases / Claw Foot Like Really ... Can't My Condition Give It A Rest

Chest Pain / Lung Diseases / Claw Foot Like Really ... Can't My Condition Give It A Rest

As Others Will Know I Had Toothache That Turned In Abscess ..... Abscesses Toothache Don,t Mix :O But I Did Received Antibiotics :P Now I Have Lung Infection AGAIN

But This Post Is About AS Others Have Talked About Hands & Foot Cramps ..... After A Long Chat With My Now Understanding GP I To Suffered From This

Now A Would Of Thought BLF Would Have Info ...... On CLAW FOOT As Its Called

In Which The Hands And Feet Become Claw-Like And Difficult To Move ... But This Condition Is Very Serious If You Have Lung Disorder And Flue Like Symptoms

A Was HOPING The BLF Would Be Able To Help As Yes I Will Admit Am Confused :O

Its Like Hyperventilation Syndrome .... But Involves Lung Gas Transfer :P

Where I Am Confused Is My Inhaler Beclometasone Dipropionate I Take Might That Be Causesing ALKASLOSIS As It Contains Sodium Bicarbonate :( Or Do I Just Need To Limit My Puffs ?

Other Issue I Find Confusing Is Why Some Say Carbon Monoxide ..... And Not Carbon Dioxide .... Is That Because There Referring To Smoking .... Totally Confused

Given It Is One Of The Most Common Signs And Of Importance You Would ?Think There Would Be TAD More Information Available On Lung Diseases And Claw Foot

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Same as Clubbing of the Nails

Since Hippocrates first described digital clubbing in patients with empyema, digital clubbing has been associated with various underlying pulmonary, cardiovascular, neoplastic, infectious, hepatobiliary, mediastinal, endocrine, and gastrointestinal diseases. Finger clubbing also may occur, without evident underlying disease, as an idiopathic form or as a Mendelian dominant trait. Clubbing is a clinically descriptive term, referring to the bulbous uniform swelling of the soft tissue of the terminal phalanx of a digit with subsequent loss of the normal angle between the nail and the nail bed.

Digital clubbing is classified into primary (ie, idiopathic, hereditary) and secondary forms. Digital clubbing may be symmetric bilaterally, or it may be unilateral or involve a single digit. Anatomic considerations, such as the classic measurement of the Lovibond angle or the more recently derived index of nail curvature by Goyal et al[1] , usually can be identified on simple physical examination and can be used to identify digital clubbing and to monitor this dynamic process objectively. Various imaging modalities have been used not only to evaluate clubbing but also to help identify possible clues to its development.

Clubbing is a feature of pachydermoperiostosis (PDP), a rare genodermatosis characterized by pachydermia, digital clubbing, periostosis, and an excess of affected males.[2] Although usually an autosomal dominant model with incomplete penetrance and variable expression, both autosomal recessive and X-linked inheritance have been suggested in some PDP families.

Primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy (PHO), a rare hereditary disorder with digital clubbing, subperiosteal new bone formation, and arthropathy, has been linked mutations in the 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin dehydrogenase (15-PGDH) encoding gene HPGD, which causes PHO.[3] A mutation was identified in a large Pakistani family with isolated congenital nail clubbing.[4] In another study of homozygous mutations, an intragenic deletion that results in frameshift and a missense mutation was associated with a severe PHO phenotype. A heterozygous carrier of a stop mutation had isolated digital clubbing.


Is Complex .... You Would Think As ALKASLOSIS Is A Mojor Part Of Lung Disease And Hand Toe Spasm And Steriode Inhale Use There Would Be Tad More Clarity ... On Signs To Watch Out For When You Have Lung Condition



The reason there is no BLF information on claw foot is because claw foot is not linked to any lung conditions - see link below.

One of the main causes of claw foot is rheumatoid arthritis - some people with rheumatoid arthritis are prescribed methatrexate - and methatrexate can cause pulmonary fibrosis - one of the symtoms of which is breathlessness. So it's the drug that causes the breathlessness, not the claw foot.

Clubbing of the finger and toe nails is also a less common symptom of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Alkaslosis relates to blood gas levels - the presence of CO2 etc - the most common cause of alkalosis is metabolic not respiratory - Acidosis is linked to respiratory conditions - more commonly referred to as CO2 retaining. If you are a CO2 retainer you will have been diganosed with this. Blood gases are a very complicated issue - and not easily explained - and very difficult to generalise.

There are side-effects of steroids - those are well documented - and some people experience them more than others. Hand and toe spasm's don't appear to be a recognised side effect - although high blood suger levels in the blood is listed - but again not very common.

Carbon monoxide is associated with smoking - and can be tested using a breathing test.

Hope that clarifies all the issues raised.



Hi, MARK thanks yes you are right about claw foot ... Is issue with bone as other poster say BUT yes perhasp CLAW FOOT was wrong name but my point is spasm of hands and toes and carbon dioxide retenshion major trate is spasm of hands and foot ... I agree is complex and i am confused as i have had lots of problems with blood gas and or alkaslosis even befour a put on any inhaler given my lung condition

is a pain alkaslosis think thats why my GP and such a hard time with my condition ... He should of cut all the bull and sent me for a scan

Cheers all the best



The main symptoms of carbon dioxide retention are headaches, sleepiness, confusion and tremors/shakes.

Are you on oxygen at home? Have you ever been assessed for oxygen? What treatment have you had for CO2 retention?

Why don't you give the Helplien a call - 03000 030 555 - and have a chat with one of the nurses.




I mark ... Only time i have had test was on occations in hospital .. But becouse my condition genraly resolved it self my doctor thought i was suffering from hyperventalition syndrome

Yet hospital had told him ... I have chronic lung disease but yes now am out patiant at hospital lung clinic and had verious test but it was only my CT scan shown true horror of my confion

To be honest a would prefer to strugle on and only jave pcygen as last resort .... Infections and colds are the pits tho

Had chat with my GP yesterday quite grim ... But no point sulking just have to crack on with it .... But still think is holding out on me

Cheers all the best



Oxygen is prescribed for a reason - it is a medication. It is there to keep the rest of your body supplied with enough oxygen. So to "struggle on" is to be honest a bit daft. You need to read other peoples experiences of having oxygen and the difference it makes to their quality of life.

Your GP probably isn't keeping anything from you - he should be telling you everything. Please call the Helpline - lets have a chat. Perhaps things aren't anymore grim than anyone is experiencing on this community.

Remember - try not to get too fixated on all the test results - you have been diagnosed with COPD - what is important is your quality of life now - not what may happen in the future. COPD can be managed - use your medications as prescribed, keep active, eat well, stop smoking - and try and keep positive.



Cheers mark a do try keep things in prospective ... You are right have found fourm of lots of help even tho we have are little spats or sometims don't allways agree

Think it helps keep me sain :O

I am very lucky as others have gone into hospital with infections and needed oxygen when thay come out

but only ression i have doubts on my doctors is thay slip up and not always on the ball

Like one made slip of the toung remark going on about cancer ... Then my doctor said theres no treatmeant for my condition

Yes a could of been on the ball more ... But with everything else that was going on let it slide as could of been not meant for me


A call to the helpline will clear anything that has not been understood.


I thought the problem with my hands & feet was caused by my COPD, turns out that the ligaments are shot!!! my knuckles constantly dislocate & the pain in my feet is horrific especially at night when in bed, so it,s worth having them checked out, I was told years ago it was cramp, perhaps if spotted earlier they might have been easier to repair :(


Its Bad When A Chest Infection Can Cause ..... Like Really Will It Get Any Better ..... Was Planing On Having Warm Weather BLOW OUT And Get Totally Arbitrated

But Looks Like My Condition Has Other Plans

Like Metabolic Alkalosis / Respiratory Acidosis .... Like Really Is No One Enough But Four Types Of Causeses Of SpO2 Imbalances In Body Fluids


Not Quite The Blow Out I Had In Mind :O


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