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Where has my positive attitude gone?

I'm one of those people who always manages to find a silver lining - or I was. Not any more seemingly.

I'm waiting for a COPD determination, my son had an operation in September for cancer (then another because a drain was left in him by accident) and he is now having chemotherapy and today I woke up with mis-matched feet!!!!!

My right foot is a lovely foot - it's normal size (4.5) pink in colour and generally fine.

My left foot, however, is NOT a lovely foot. It is bright red, swollen, shiny and sooooooo sore. My left foot does not match my right foot.

I spoke to a friend, who is a nurse, and she advised that I make an appointment with my GP asap which I have done. My appointment is at 9.50am tomorrow.

A swollen foot seems such a small thing in comparison with everything else but it is about to push me over the edge ('the final straw' springs to mind!).

My positive attitude seems to have deserted me. I am so fed up - I have just about had enough.


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Hi Annec, these symptoms sound a little like a DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot).

Having had 2 of these myself it might pay to get along to A&E as soon as possible because they need to start treatment quickly. better to be safe.

Tony. (phone the help line and see what they think)


I agree with Tony, couldn't you speak to a doctor. I should think you have had enough no wonder your positive attitude has disappeared. Hope all goes well for you and your son.

Lib x


Hi Tony

Thank you very much for your message.

I've had four DVTs and four PEs (pulmonary embolism) in the last four years and I'm pretty sure that this is not another one (I'm on Warfarin for life because I'm prone to DVTs - although the last DVT I had happened while I was on Warfarin which, I understand, is quite rare).

Self-pity seems to be the order of the day for me today - I've been thinking 'why me' but then, again, 'why not me'.

If I have the slightest indication that this is another DVT, I can promise you that I will be straight to A&E!!!

I really don't need this (stupid thing to say I suppose) because I am supposed to be going up to Bristol on Saturday so that I can be with my son for his chemo session.

Thank you again for your kind comments - I'll post tomorrow the outcome of my visit to my Surgery.




Promise me hun, if it doesn't feel right and gets any worse that you will do something straight away...I'm worried about you hun, you aren't one for over take things so well usually.

This sounds a little bit serious...are you certain that you want to wait until tomorrow? Have just told hubby about it and your history and he says not to be so stubborn and go get it looked at today!

Luv u hun





Hello Lucky

If I have the slightest indication that this is a DVT I will be straight up to RCH Treliske in Truro (one of the Doctors up there said that they would put a revolving door in for me - I'm no sooner out of hospital than I'm back in again). I don't fancy bits of blod clots floating off to my lungs again.

Revolving doors and joking apart, I do worry about going to see my Doctor in case I'm not 'ill' enough. I have said this to my own GP (Dr Ellis - he's fabulous) and he told me not to think that way. If anything worries me then I should turn up. I daren't think of how much of the poor man's budget I have used up.

I can promise that I will go to A&E if I think I should - cross my heart (but don't 'hope to die').




Tony, Libby and Lorraine

I feel a lot better - you have, all three of you, been so kind and concerned.

I do promise all of you that should I think a DVT is in the offing (is that a word?) I'll be up to A&E like a shot.

A friend I worked with years go (Janet) is a Sister on A&E at Treliske and just seeing her makes me feel better - she is so competent. We both worked in the legal profession years and years ago and she left and made a new career for herself - she's a wonderful nurse.

Your all restore my faith in people. Thank you so much.




Don't forget NHS Direct service also:

Hope you are soon feeling better.



Please take care of yourself and get your foot looked at ASAP it could be anything even blood poisoning if red and shiny and remember are feet are our roots and keep us grounded




Hello Dito

I am not a fan of NHS Direct.

On three occasions I spoke to people at NHS Direct and was advised to contact my GP.

All three times were about fairly mundane things (the last was 'is it OK to use Canestan a second time because the first use of Canestan had not cleared up my thrush problem').

Thank you for your concern, Dito, I do appreciate it. You are a very kind person.



I expect you know this aleady but for those who don't:

"You should call the NHS 111 service if you need medical help fast, but it’s not a 999 emergency.

You will be assessed, given advice and directed straightaway to the local service that can help you best. Calls to NHS 111 are free from landlines and mobile phones. "

Sorry youwere disatisfied with the service Annec. I found them very good when I had an occasion to use them, but I daresay its the luck of the draw who you get to speak to.

Take care.


PS Symptoms checker can be helpful:


Dear Annec, Really sorry that you are feeling down, with all the problems you have.I see that you have had so much good and sensible advice. I cant add to the advice but just offer my support and say that you are in my thoughts. Life can be one thing after another.

I do also wish the very best for your son and hope that the chemo works quickly. Keep us in touch with how you get on. Love Anne80x


I can't add anything either, but I hope things improve for you very soon.

I must admit, my first thought was gout although I've never had it and never seen it, so I have no idea why that came into my head.

Let us know how you get on.

Lynne xx


Hi Pepsicoley. Two other things to consider that have given me foot swelling are oedema (water retention) and cellulitis. That's about all I can offer. Sorry. Bob x


Lnne and Phillips

My father-in-law suffered from gout and I seem to remember that he really suffered.

My friend (the nurse) suggested cellulitis (or DVT) and I am on the side of cellulitis because it really doesn't feel much like the DVTs I have had in the past.

It's probably not a good idea but I'll have a look at oedema on Google. I just hope that I don't convince myself that I have anything else!!!

Thank you for your helpful comments.




Hi pepsicoley,sorry to hear you have a new problem today which is knocking your spirit. If you are worried go to A&E as I was reading an article in the news saying that the new 111 service has had a disasterous start in some areas.Your symptom could be anything so if no A&E good luck at the doctors in the morning.Last time I had a swelling like that it was an allergic reaction, what ever you need treatment


Awe it's no wonder you are so ticked off Pepsicoley. I hope you get some answers soon re your

foot and all turns out well.

love c x


Hi, I had Cellulitis several times and the symptoms you describe sound like it could be that,

but the doctor will soon tell you, it can be cleared up with antibiotics. Wish you well, and also your son,hope it all goes well with him too.

Love to you x


Just my pennyworth

as already mentioned gout or cellulitis could be the problem but please don't leave it,

My mum(90) kept saying she had gout her left foot looked like the rubber gloves blown up!!

I phoned the dr Friday for a home visit, the dr phoned two hours later to consult on the phone,( it was Friday and they wanted to go home) she agreed with mum as she had had it before!! I insisted she come round!!

good job I did,,,, it was cellulitis and the dr said i was right to insist, she is now on twelve antibiotic a day and feeling a bit better today, if left it could have been very serious.

Hope it turns out okay for you.



Hi Pepsy can't add anything else to what has already been said, but I think I good dose of 'self pity' is in order, you've so much to deal with at the moment, wishing your dear son a speedy recovery and for you too, thinking of you x x x


Hello Everyone

I have been to see my GP (I was in the surgery for two hours!!!).

He's not sure what it is (but it is not, thank goodness, another DVT). I had some blood taken for sending off to be tested.

My GP said that he is not at all sure what the problem is but he has given me antibiotics just in case it is cellulitis.

I'm now going to have a nap.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and good wishes.




I now have a diagnosis - thrombo-phlebitis - and I now have it in my right forearm too. Isn't it absolutely bl**dy wonderful (NOT!!).

It is my belief that we should only have to deal with one thing at a time.

I am pleased(!?!) that I now know what the problem is and can do something about it.

Thank you again for all your kind advice.



PS I don't doubt that I'll be asking for your advice again in the near future - you will all be thinking 'Oh no! Not that woman again'.


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