Every afternoon there is a constant procession of charity ads on tv. I have got to the stage where I now have charity fatigue. My wife and I have direct debits each month to four charities but these ads just make me feel guilty for not doing more. There is only so much you can give so now I turn the sound off when an ad comes on. Does anyone else feel the same or am I alone in feeling like this?

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  • I am more than annoyed at the funeral ads.that keep popping up,regardless of what you are watching.We have been flooded with them,in the last few months. I just don't find it very appropriate,if I want funeral insurance,I am certainly not buying it off the tv!!

    Yes we have he charity ones as well,but don't feel we are flooded by them.I find them more acceptable,for some reason!

    We have 3 pet ones,& that's all we can afford,also donate to Doctors without borders,a favourite of mine.Dont feel guilty Phillip,you do your bit,we can't help them all!

    Cheers Wendells xx

  • Thanks Wendells. By the time I have made my monthly donation to the wife it doesn't leave me a lot to spare. I could perhaps donate her to somebody. mmmmm

  • Can i donate my girlfriend pls and the thick ears that go with her ;)

  • I have three favourite charities. What does annoy me is the constant charity bags that come through the letter box. I had 4 last week. But, thy make useful bags.

  • Charities are the same as all with bills to pay and less money coming in I do what I can then my conscience is clear with enough work needed on my own finances that guilt is unaffordable luxury.

  • Charity bags - I could have a good turn out of my wardrobe!!

  • I am very wary of donating any money,till i know how much reaches the other end,,, some charites if you donate £1,, only 5pence may get to the other end or worse 1p.Most charities are now a big buisness in some cases multi million..To me charity donations must be spent in the uk, and all money remain in uk.

  • I agree with you id we lived in africa for a while and several times african women have said to me "please tell your government the money they send is not coming to us" I only donate to local causes. My husband, son and daughter-in-law all do voluntary work with St. john Ambulance so I feel we do our bit and sometimes time is more usefull than money.

  • I agree with id2409 and would only donate to the BLF. After all it is the BLF that supports us. My father in law donated on a monthly basis for one charity. And they shared his address so he had lots of unwanted mail asking if they would like to also help them. These bags through the door. Forget them. They are very rare for the charity they say it is for. They are big business and if the charity gets anything it is only a very small percentage. Don't feel guilty. I have to admit. I don't.

  • Don't feel guilty!

  • Yes, I have direct debits going out each month but one of them is constantly advertising on tv plus sending stuff through the post. Am thinking of changing my donation to that one to another one that doesn't spend so much on advertising.

  • I have worked for charities in the past and do not feel the need to give any more out of what we have coming in than I feel happy with - charity begins at home as they say. When I was working and had what's often termed 'excess income' I didn't mind as much, but it's down to being able to afford it.

    Several years ago, when I split with my 2nd wife, it wasn't a happy experience for me and I didn't have any clothes, other than what I stood up in at the time. Despite this, there were some charity shops I avoided as I disagreed with their policies - like paying the shop staff for a start. One had a manager and 2 full timers Other shops had volunteers running them, so got my custom.

    The TV adverts tend to be annoying, as do street collectors. I really get annoyed at them 'have you got 30 seconds' types, who will not take no for an answer. I don't give to beggars ! Cold calling, with leaflets through the door, also bugs me - there are so many 'collections' now that are NOT run by the charities named, but are commercial collectors who make small donations to be able to say 'we support xyz' on the bags.

    As pointed out, many of them are run as businesses and have lots of paid employees. That's where most of your donations are going. :X

  • Agree with you Gordon. There can be up to ten outside my local station and after years of it drive me mad. I can see that their training has the males aiming for women and vice versa. Using a big smile and their charm. Grrrr

    I've given a lot over the years and now not in a position to.

    Cold callers on the phone and at my front door get short shrift.

    I'll give to charities of my choice thank you!

  • Many years ago I worked for a Co that was supposed to be collecting for charity untill I found out the charity involved only got 1/4 of 1d in the pound.So you can bet your boots that these promotion Co's and TV Co's aren't doing it for nothing.

  • H i I too am fed up of charity collectors and how much money actually goes to the charity in question so I now limit to the ones I benefit from I am not being selfish or may be I am but I do know where the money goes, BLF and the transplant centre at Wythenshawe. I do not fill any bags now as I know very little goes to the charity so apart from Air ambulance I make sure I take them to a reputable charity shop that are not out to make money!

  • My first charity was the RNLI or the Lifeboats as I think they prefer nowadays. They need to raise £360 million a year to run the service so it is a dear old go. I first donated in 1981,soon after the loss of the Penlee boat, crewed by men from the village of Moushole. Despite being thrown by high seas onto the deck of a freighter several times the lifeboat tried time after time to get the ship's crew off. Eventually the lifeboat was crushed on the rocks and her gallant men all lost.

  • Made the mistake twice of giving a charity my address. They were obviously following a script and were stating most people give monthly. I didn't want to pay monthly and told them just to take my card no and my donation, not to send me a thank you letter and not to put me on their data base. 'Course I received a thank you and ever since have had letters, Christmas stuff, pens etc. No way I want to donate for them to use the money to send folks tat or to thank me when they have done this on the 'phone.

    Defo wouldn't give out my back details to anyone at the door or in town - no way.

    The bags I don't mind too much, but I always check their address - no way I will put stuff out for an organisation or business hiding behind a charity name.

    Defo agree re air ambulance and RNLI. As I understand it they don't get government money.

    I do not believe in private schools having charitable status - what's that all about!!!!!!

    C x

  • Ooooops - bank details - sure they won't be interested in my back details!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Phillips. Don't feel lonely or guilty. I'm in exactly the same positions as you.

    By the way, have you seen the way developing countries' diplomats live - try driving down The Avenue from Swiss Cottage - you and I are paying for all those coppers on guard.

  • - Round my part of the world, we get ARMIES of Charity collectors calling at the door, which is far more of a problem if your having a tough day breathing - staggering to the door, only to find yet another Charity Collector. Last week, I had FOUR IN ONE DAY, Almost got to the stage of putting a chair by the front door, reading the paper and waiting .........

  • I'm so glad it's not just me!

    I used to donate to 7 or 8 charities on monthly standing orders until I got totally fed up with the ads and, just as irritating, the phone calls trying to persuade me to part with extra money.

    Having established that the agencies phoning were actually being paid by the charities, I was absolutely furious! One of these callers explained that they did gain extra donations which made their fees worthwhile. Hmmff - I don't think so - they certainly lost my support! I objected (and still object) to them hitting on the very people who are already supporting them - it somewhat defeats the whole idea - and why should we pay their wages?

    Anyway, I told them to put my complaint to their management so they would know why I stopped supporting them and now give the same amount to just two deserving UK charities.


  • not all the charity bags that come through the door are not kosha, just very clever bastards who imatate the real thing, also the rogue people know when proper charity bags are left will go and pick up what people think is is going to the right charity.

    i do give charities via direct debit.

    the adverts do make me feel very quilty, especially the animal ones.

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