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Hayfever and seasonal allergies - how do you cope?

Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Good Morning Everybody

In the new today is information advising that the pollen count this year is going to be high due to the late spring and previous cold weather.

Allergies can be very debilitating especially if they trigger breathing problems.


It would be really good to know how people cope with the symptoms.



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I used to be based in an office where the view, if you could only see it through frosted glass, was over field after field of yellow rapeseed. We were the last building in the village before open countryside.

I started taking Allergy & Hayfever relief tablets, the ones I use say they contain 10mg of Loratadine. They stopped the sneezing and seems to lessen my coughing and wheezing too.

Just as a precaution I will take them for a day or two before going off anywhere that may affect me like that again.

They were shop bought, I think about 89p for a pack of 14.and are marked for general sale (GSL)

I normally use piritin it works well fir me £1.19@lloyds pharmacy, probably cheaper in asda etc, happy sneezing jo :)

We're surrounded with rapeseed this year, luckily it dosn't flower very long. I don 't get hayfever or allergies so assume it dosn't affect my breathing now I have COPD.


Dreading it but nothing I can do about it. Seems I am prone to infections anyway. Take one day at a time!!!!


It is something that has never bothered me but I do feel for friends who are streaming their way through the summer months thanks to allergies.

I use a daily antihistamine. Started them a week ago and I will carry on until about October.

Lynne xx

I take a daily antihistamine anyway because of my cats but when the pollen is high I also use a nasal spray (plus when I want a chilli I take extra :D )


I just sneeeeeeeeeeze!

I take a Loratadine tablet daily. I start in April and take them until October. It works for me.


I also take Loratadine and use a nasal spray. My doctor prescribes both for me. I like to spend as much time as I can in my garden and this works for me.


I use local honey, it is very effective a teaspoon or two a day - either straight off the spoon or in my porridge or on my toast. Best medicine for hayfever. Make sure it is local to where you live or work - where ever you spend your time during hayfever hours. It takes a while to build up , but if you start now and just keep going till hayfever season is over I bet you will find yourselves using less and less antihistamines. Then the following year even less and the year after that probably none at all. :)

I take my prescription tablets nightly (which are long acting) plus my nasal spray, every night of the year as I suffer from allergies all the year round. I can tell the pollen is high as I am already having to wash my eye lashes and eye brows twice daily. I also use Sterimar to keep my nasal passages clear. I hope it will not be as bad as you predict as then I will have to wash my hair twice daily as well. Good luck to anyone who suffers. But the good news is you get use to it as you get older. Atishoo Maximonkey

Anti-histamines never helped me much but just made me sleepy.

As for food allergies I try to avoid eating them, in my case raw fruit and veg, honey, avocado and legumes, certain nuts.

Of course you can't avoid stuff in the air and my hayfever this year is terrible. I've even started squirting Seretide up my nose in desperation.

What worked WONDERFULLY for me in the past was autohaematherapy with ozone and allergy ampule. You can get that in Germany (you have to pay though, the universal medical insurance doesn't cover it). In that treatment you go on a Vitamin C drip then they take some blood from your arm, mix it with ozone and the ampule then inject it back into your bum.


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