The swallows are here!

10 minutes ago I was on the old exercise bike again looking out of the same old patio window when first a swallow flew over and then a house martin.

Those southernly winds have brought a few little gems along with them and raized my temperature and spirits.

Its cloudy and raining at the moment but it is a hell of a lot warmer, I really think summer is getting close now Ye Hi!!!


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  • The swallows - great, the house martins - yuk. They try to build over every window in our house which means we can't open them because of the mess, it's a fortnights battle with them, but we win. They're determined little blighters, and they only like the old part of the house..

    Lib x

  • Ha Ha Ha , sorry lib I just got a picture of you chaseing them around the house shooing them off. I bet they have great fun with you don't they.

    Tony :)

  • Lucky you all i,ve got at the mo are crazy woodies and a barmy barn owl, dont mind the owl it likes sci-fi, oh! and a family of squirrels cheeky little beggrs they are but funny to watch

  • Wow I am so jealous a barn owl sounds brilliant Just of for a walk on the sea front with Bon ( my daughter)

  • Sounds a brilliant place to live azaard, your very lucky to have a barmy barn owl. I hav'nt seen one of those for around 10 years.


  • It,s ok apparently it was all farm land and open pasture, but times change, as for the owl , it realy into sci-fi , it sits on my window sill and actually wayches it, sg1, startrek, dr who, wierd i know, first time it did it, it scared the living daylights out if me, two big saucers staring through the windows!! Heebee-jeebees wasn,t on it, but it never attempts to come in even if the widows are wide open. Still its reassuring in a funny kind of way.

  • You really should get that on film azaard because it sounds amaizing. I reckon you could be on TV with that one.

    Let us know if your on spring watch soon with Bill Oddy, good luck.

  • They are very arrogrant and fearless of humans (I've done alot of research on the little blighters), they like nesting near humans because they feel safe - not on my plot they're not. The lovely swalows keep their distance. Should be hearing the cuckoo any day now.

    I like watching squirrels they are really amusing.

    Lib x

  • No swallows but its a beautiful day and quite warm. I am sitting by the Patio window reading blogs but have just peeled all the vej for dinner

  • Great news. Not seen one yet and they are so much later this year. We get loads at the allotment each year.

    Lynne xx

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