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Just been told off

My gitl friend (fiend in some cases);) just told me off for not telling wots exactly erong with me, i said no need and got a thick ear, as u said feind. So here goes.

COPD ( Asthma, emphascema )

PCVD ( Pulmanort cardio vascular desease )

CS. ( Cervical Spondolosis upper and lumbar regions)

Arthur :D ( Rhumatoid & Ostio Arthritis )

A blocked artery and saw dust for brains

not bad for 56. :-S

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God you are a health hazzard,,,, azzard,,,,hahhahhahahahhahaha :) hope the ear not to sore,,,,

Stings a bit :-) damn heavy handed thats her trouble:P

Not much wrong with you then other than a thick ear. That will disappear over time,untill she wallops you the next time.Just tell the good lady what she thinks she wants to hear?!?!,problem solved.

I seem to be following you around id2409, it's just coincidence nothing more.

I've got two of your complaints azaard, copd and sawdust for brains, at least you

appear to be positive plus a sore ear, us girls know how to swing a back hander.

Lib x

Yeah lib, just wish you lot would take the jewels off first, yoi might damage them, then its my fault again, it cost a fortune to put the rings right, diamonds, ruby,emeralds and saphires ain,t cheap. And my name aint rothchild or branson,

i,ll get my own back, i,ll get the stilton and pickles out for supper, he he he !!

That,s just mean azaard :) & you know you,ll get it two fold in reply :D soooo glad I,m not popping round to your house xxx karen

At least you sense of humor is in rude health, :)

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