Silly me

Had a couple of hours to myself this morning so decided to come on hear but on my way I thought I'd browse copd information sites. I can't believe what I've done I just spent the last couple of hours reading about how long I might live and scaring myself silly. I'm diagnosed 3 1/2 years and apart from the first months of being frightened I have been very optimistic about the future. I quit smoking using NRT and still use the lozenges. Anyway that's my time to myself used very stupidly. Hope no one else will do the same today.

Have a good Sunday all. Thanks for being hear. xx

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  • I was silly to. I did a similar thing when I first got diagnosed. Looked on the Web. A maximum of 5 years from diagnosis ! A good job I came on here and find people have had it for 20 years or more !. So I reckon I will live the lifespan I would have had without COPD. That suits me fine ! :)

  • We're so luck to have somewhere like this to come too.

  • I understand your plight, but ive given up worrying about it nowadays, it just makes the cindition worse, so i think mkre about the things i can do and try to enjoy them to the full, i find talking about copd on here reassuring, and i can f be laighed at at times

  • Good on you for giving up worrying I always life is too short for worrying.

  • Hi copdber, What you have to do is spend more time looking at the positive stuff and believe me there's far more of that.

    There are amaizing people out there who have lived for years with lung disease and there's no reason why you cant be one of them.

    When I first became ill with pulmonary fibrosis the internet gave me 3 years, Well 3 years are almost up now and I'm still going strong.

    Good Luck to you copdber and remember you'll find all the insperation you need from the great people on this forum, keep being positive.


  • I will Tony I hope and pray that newly diagnosed people will find their way to sites like this one.

  • Ooops! excuse the lousey spelling still getting used to my smart phone, ain,t worked out why it,s smart yet, maybe cos its slim and not thick like my old brick.

  • Don't worry about the spelling it's the sentiment of your reply that matters an yours was all good. xx

  • Only the people that never made a mistake can criticize and they are not worth listening to because they have done nothing (Mark Twain said something similar)

  • My thoughts exactly but only after I had given my self a kick in the backside for wasting time scaring myself. Good job I had this site to run to.

  • During my life,i have been shot at a few times,nearly blown up twice,,been stabbed three times, even prior to army service..I had 2 severe motor bike crashes,, 1 bad car crash,,dislocated my right hip broke 2 ribs,kept breaking one the lower right side,,weak spot i think,,,used to bounce very well.. Dont bounce very well now hahahahah if you can bend it or bruise it i have done it and done it well,, :) DONT believe all you here,, or read,,,, a lot is rubbish,,, positive thoughts mate,,,it is the only way... :). Me very annoyed at having copd,,but it lives with me,,,,, not me with it,,,,, Take care :)

  • id2409 Can you tell us what part of the country you are in so I can move away from you. lol Have a good day mate Bob

  • Hi Id

    Do you think you might be a bit "accident prone"? Stay well Martin

  • Hi id 2409 you have certainly had an eventful time of it. I like your way of putting "copd lives with me,,,,, not me with it" Think I'll be borrowing that if it's ok with you.

  • I did exactly the same when first diagnosed and was convinced I would die within weeks (7 years ago). Now forget it and get on with living. xxx

  • Normally I do yesterday I don't know why I went looking yesterday morning. Still it's been 3 1/2 years from when I was first diagnosed so I guess I'll forgive myself just this once. Won't be wasting my time like that for a very long time. x

  • 16years on and still going

    Read the KOTG humour show

    Your daily tonic

  • Thank goodness for that, what would we all do on hear with out our tonic every day. Keep smiling KOTG

  • Hi copdber, I was diagnosed at 58 and am still going strong at 70. Get your head down and charge into life. Enjoy every day. Bob

  • Bob I love your way of saying"Get your head down and charge into life" I think I'll do just that. Keep well xx.

  • It aint over till the fat lady sings and I hav't even chosen the music yet.

  • Very good, exblonde hopefully that won't be for a very very long time.

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