It was a beautiful day today

We (my OH and me) woke up to a clear blue sky and the twittering of birds (wonderful) so different from Saturday which was dull, overcast and rainy. Took a look at the bike - sorely tempted to go for a ride - the battery was fully charges and ready to go, the only two drawbacks were (1) it needed a tank of fuel and (2) the tyres needed pumping up. Those of us that suffer from E will know that going to a service station, and bending down to pump the tyres is sometimes a "bridge too far" which has one panting like there is no tomorrow. So I gave it a pat and replaced it cover and went for a quiet walk instead. Stay well. Martin

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  • Sunday - promises to be good. Husband and I are going to view the daffodils at Thriplow. He will be started his chemo soon. Make hay while the sun shines! Heard of that one!

  • Hope you enjoyed your walk Martin, days for biking will be here soon I am sure.

    Annie, I would love to be going with you today I just adore daffodils, hope you have a lovely day.

    polly xx

  • We have sunshine in Yorkshire too, after misty fog lingering all day on Friday and rain most of yesterday it is a welcome sight!

  • Lucky so and so,s lt,s grey, wet and gales here, i,ll bet white horses are breaking on morecambe promenade right now.

  • Yes Martin beautiful day here as well,it's marvelous being well into Autumn & having 26-27c temps,love it! Makes you feel more energised I find.Enjoyed a nice bbq with the family for tea.Keep well,

    Wendells xx

  • Lovely morning in Nottingham and then it all wenr belly up again

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