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Can anyone help with information about Mucodyne?

Writing this on behalf of my 70 year old mum that has COPD. Recently been prescribed Mucodyne (Tuesday) and she wants to know has anyone experience a laxative effect with this drug? She's convinced it's the E110 additives in the pills. She's also wondering how long it takes to make a difference as she getting desperate for some relief? She feels the mucus is as hard to shift now as it was before taking Mucodyne and she creating as much mucus as well.

Thank you for any help or advice, Mark

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HI Mark, i have been on Mucodyne for a short while, i still get alot of mucus in my throat, i was also prescribed another drug, omeprazole 20mg to take with i was told helps with digestion, i havent really had any problems on these drugs. My respiratory nurse on a home visit,i told her about the mucous and she referred me to a physio for a home appointment to show me exercises to remove the mucus that i have and also showed me some exercises where i have to lay down flat on each side, one at a time to drain the lung then repeat the other exercises to remove what i have drained off the lung. Ask your mum's respiratory nurse to talk to her and ask if she can see a physio. Good luck, San


Physio helps alot, especially ic you can hang over the end of the bed after, i,ve been on Mucodine for 2yrs now and have at times had loose bowels, taking omeprazole as well made things worse its designed to counteract excess stomach acid and can cause diahoria. I,ve post this last week, i find using an olbas oil nasal inhaler works well, snd it breaks up the mucas really quickly, but you cough like hell for half an hour. But its worth it in the end, hope this helps,


Hello Mark, I take Mucodyne and have done for several years now. It takes a little time for the drug to start working but it should help enormously. I have had no side effects from it. Maybe your mum just needs to persevere a bit?


Mucodyne takes a couple of weeks to work and a few more weeks to build up to full speed. I have heard it can make a big difference. I didn't get any problem so i would strongly suggests she perseves. Let her GP know if problems persist

Side effects are usually listed on the leaflet that come with the tablets


It's helped me a great deal over the past 5 years, Mark. I find that it is most beneficial for keeping my nasal passages open when in bed and gives me a good night's sleep.

Here's hoping that it works as well for your mum also !


Agree with all of the above. Mucodyne certainly breaks up the gunge into manageable chunks. Don't know about the E110 but Mucodyne is obtainable in liquid form if you ask GP.

No nasty side effects thus far for me.

Personally, I don't like the stuff unless it has a tea bag in it, but drinking plenty of water is helpful.



It has helped me for some years now, loosens mucus to prevent those awful wretching coughs when you cant get anything up. Loose bowels periodically, perhaps once a month but only for a day or so, but dont know if it is Mucodyne or one of the numerous other medications. Perservere would be my suggestion, but also dont be afriad to talk it through with GP again, even if just by phone.


Good afternoon all and thank you for the replies. I have past on your advice to mum.

Have to say this has to be one of the best resources for real life advice on the web for COPD.


you can get it in linctus form.


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