Respiratory Muscle Exercises

For those who are interested, I find the videos that can be accessed from the You Tube video link below very useful for those having to live day to day with a lung and breathing related illness. (If you click on the words 'You Tube' bottom right of video, this will allow you to watch the video on You Tube and also give you easier access to other like videos)

As much as we can do for ourselves will impact on our quality of life, it is so important to include in our lives daily, some form of routine exercise. I hope this video and the videos you can access from this link, are of help to those interested in enjoying a better quality of life through our own efforts.

Enjoy each day as it arrives, enjoy our daily routine exercises.

Wishing all a trouble free weekend.

(If you click on the words 'You Tube' bottom right of video, this will allow you to watch the video on You Tube and also give you easier access to other similar videos)

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  • Ditto this is really great, I,ve bookmarked it & I,ll try them out later, maybe I,ll get up to her spread one day, but even if I don't they are going to help a lot Thank you so mush for this Karen xx

  • Speed, this finger is going to get the sack if it doesn't learn to concentrate!!!!

  • Many thanks for this post.


  • Hope it helps you both, Karen and Lucky, I added a note in brackets at the end since 1st posting which will allow you access to other like videos on You Tube.

    Have a good weekend.

  • I've managed to do all the exercises on this video. How do I save it into my favourites?



  • Ditto (no, not a typo), I mean that, like Annec I don't know how to bookmark this without a link. DITO, or anyone, can someone help on this please (using an iPad)?

  • either join Youtube then save into your favourites that way this is what I have done (I also listen to music from when I was young - you know harpsichord stuff)


    when you are watching it on your address bar at the right side there is a star (on google) click on this and it will ask you if you want to bookmark site just click on done and there you go saved :D

  • Hi

    Download you tube app

    Type Respiratory Muscle Exercises into search top right

    The above video plus others will show.

  • Thanks for that, so helpful.

  • Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Thank you dito


  • Thanks DITO.

  • Thank you Dito, this is going into 'my favourites'! :) x

  • From the ipad ...

    Not sure how you would save it from an ipad, but if you can save links on it, click on the word 'you tube' bottom right of the video and that will take you to the 'You Tube' page where you should be able to access the page link for the video.

    The alternative I guess would be to bookmark this page.

    Hope you all enjoy and with continued exercise begin to notice the benefits too :)

  • Looks good I will give it a try thanks


  • Thank you very much for link.

  • Yes, thank you so much, I will certainly do these twice a day. I am not technical either, but I will have a go at suggestions some of you have made, thanks.

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