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Brechin Angus Scotland..A warm sunny morning,very little cloud,,a very nice morning in deed,,looking good for the rest of the day.....Warning !!!!!! the GRASS has started to GROW !!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH,,,,,WEEDS GROWING Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh.... OUTLOOK for next 6 month,,,, my wife is going to be a very busy lady,,hahahhaahhahhahhah only teasing girls....So how is your weather and garden,, window box ect........ :)

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Very good indeed for the moment. I reckon we could have the best weather in the world but it only comes once in a while. Husband Brian and I are visiting Thriplow which is famous for its daffodils. The actual daffy weekend was mid March. Garden is fine, grass cut!

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This is from Royston, near Cambridge,

Just down the road from you id24, yes very pleasant in bonnie dundee too. Been a long winter, cant wait to get out on the scooter. Hubby painting the shed and benches, so spring must have arrived. Have a nice weekend everyone :)

Here in misty Shropshire to sun is trying to break through but rain forecast at 1pm all afternoon. Lawns looking better, not so brown, all cut and looking shipshape

Lib x

Sort of sunny here in Stockport but begrudgingly so :D

here in Manchester its sunny . wish I had a garden to sit in I miss a garden I had one a long time ago , now its a flat I hate but could be worse I could be living on the some poor souls are in Manchester . so if you have a garden and some one to share it with you are very luckey

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You are quite welcome to come and sit in my garden in Stockport :D

Bright and sunny, feeling warm in Oldham. A few fluffy, white clouds lazily floating around. Long may it last. Have a nice day everyone.


Raining miserably in Christchurch, Bournemouth. Extremely damp and cold.

Beloved has taken it upon himself to clean all the windows on the outside so that we can see through them, so expecting rain any minute now.

Lib x

Sun playing hoky coky in, out, Garden a mess, just making long list for Hubby :D


According to hubby and sorry if I put a 'damper' (haha) on things but rain heading north from here - south coast.

I think your rain in Christchurch Lucky19 is going to move up to us, ETA 1 pm.

Lib x

Sun between 6am-10am.Cloud ,cloud ,cloud,- cold, cold ,cold eversince

The rain was 50 minutes late

Lib x

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Been pouring down in Plymouth all day, cold now windy as well.


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My daughter lives in Plymouth never came home after uni,

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Hi Lib,

It's fashionable to be late isn't it?



Ditto in Mudeford end to it eh?

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Will rain for you Monday to Friday next week Lucky cos I am on holiday in Poole and it always rains when I am on holiday. Keep smiling.

Carole x

Cloudy and damp in Oldbury. Warm and dry in the house. And peaceful (wife is out) Bob


Rainy, extremely windy and just a glimse of the sun at times in West Sussex.

Yesterday it rained persistantly here in Portsmouth but after a bitter cold start this morning there are signs of blue skies trying hard to squeeze through the grey clouds.

Just walked along the sea front at Southsea trying to breath as deep as I can getting as much of the salt air as I can into every bit of my lazy lungs.

They want to remain dormant and inactive whilst I know I have to motivate them into movement

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