I was all set to get out my motorcycle after a six months respite (she was beginning to feel unloved! but I wasn't really up to it before having not wanted to test my luck from the recent couple of exacerbations) although the battery charger had been on all the time - just in case. I had planned the route - not far - but far enough to get the exileration of a ride. And then the heavens opened and it poured with rain - which put a cap on the proceedings. Maybe tomorrow! Martin

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  • Ha Ha! Had to smile,sorry!! The heavens have opened here in Qld. also. Fingers crossed for tommorrow! Good to hear though that you feel up to a ride

    Wendells xx

  • That's a lovely looking bike, I wouldn't mind one of those, as you say though, got to have the weather for it!

  • Hi Martin, what a bummer. I had an appointment with my favourite bike shop for a new front tyre fitting yesterday morning,It got light, and then it got wet. I was debating whether to go or not., but then my stubborn side kicked in, I got togged up and went over for my new metzeler lazertec. Of course a brand new tyre in the rain makes for an interesting first few miles. In total I did 68 miles and really enjoyed myself, I was riding around thinking "where shall go next" I purposely left my earplugs out so I could hear the Remus 4 into 1 growling away, JOY JOY JOY. I feel so lucky that my Dad was a bike rider, he passed the bug onto me and I have passed it onto my eldest son. When you do get out and about Martin just remember ,Keep the rubber side down mate. cheers ,Chris.

  • Good to hear there a couple more motorbike riders on here.

    I use mine all the year round, it being my only means of transport. It's only a 125cc, a Honda Varadero, but it serves me very well.

    I try to avoid wet days, for obvious reasons, but when you have all the gear on, it's not really a health problem. .

  • Used to use mine all year but now I have to ride the bike down a muddy towpath at the side of the canal its mostly when dry.

  • Its not the men only you know. I'm a lady rider and I ride whenever I can and can't wait for the better weather to come so we can put a good few more miles on the clock, my Dragstar 650cc has been feeling lonely and neglected of late but I get my grandsons cleaning her with the promise of a ride when the weather improves so she knows she is still very much loved. Its the only thing that has kept me going through this oh so long winter, as you say martin.... maybe tomorrow....


  • Good to see a lady rider amongst us :) This winter hasn't been too bad for riding.

    There was only about 3 days I was stranded at home because of the snow, the rest were handleable.

    I don't think I've taken a cleaning rag to my bike for over year, shameful I know, but I just don't have the energy clean it constantly.

    I sympathise with you Chris about your muddy canal track, that must be a right pain.

  • Ok guys, move over and let the big boys through. My last bike was an ex-post office 125cc BSA Bantam. How about that then? Jealous? Bob

  • BSA Bantam was built using the design for the DKW RT 125 given as war reparations by Germany when they lost the war not a patch on a Goldstar all Brit.

  • I'm backing of in awe as I type :)

    In fact a very good little bike as a run around, nippy for the town traffic and pretty reliable. Aren't they still being made in India?

  • Ironic one of the best little Brit bikes was based on a German DKW.

    Life happens while you make plans as some one famous ;-) once said get the good times when they are there.

  • Your probably thinking of royal enfield, although they have dropped the "royal".

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