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It's a funny thing about exercise


Some mornings I wake up and muse for a while before my feet touch the floor. In these musings I say to myself......I did a lot of exercise yesterday (a lot to me anyway LOL) and that today I might just take it easy and not do any......I get up, shower and have breakfast and generally relax, but then the Compulsive/Obsessive trait kicks in and I either get on the exercise bike or the "dreadmill". In a short while I am puffing and blowing although the dial says I am only walking at 2.3 kph - which is really not very fast. After 16 minutes I have had more than enough and travelled 600 metres!! I must admit I feel somewhat better and live to fight another day. I might go back to it some time and complete the kilometre - which to me is an achievement. I have come to reluctantly accept that my exercise horizons have become a bit lowered but rationalise that it is "better than nothing". Keep well. Martin

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Often have the same arguments with myself martin 1945 less today will not be noticed.

A position that lasts until the fear of the alternative pushes me forward when strangely I enjoy the challenge of competing against myself and wonder at my earlier reluctance.

The difficulty reclaiming a level of fitness is my motivation for doing what I am able.


It's always a great achievment to do what we feel we can't,every little bit is further up the hill!

Also kicks the feel good endorphins in lol! xx


I have the same arguments each day too Martin. But I always feel much better when I've been to the gym or for a swim.

Hi Martin,

I know how hard it is sometimes to do regular exercise with COPD and for some of us, exercise is extremely difficult.

You're doing the right thing with aerobic exercise on the bike and treadmill, but you may find it better to make a plan and do say 5 mins a day at low intensity for a week, then gradually increase the time and effort level but with caution. Use the treadmill as warm up first, then a longer session on the bike. I find it useful to write down the plan so you can keep track of progress.

Have you been on, or offered a place on a 'pulmonary rehab course'? You get taught useful exercises.Your GP should know about this.

Have you taken advice about exercise from GP, gym trainer, COPD team or rang BLF for advice?

Do you exercise at home or gym?

Getting a bit breathless is normal, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. A heart rate monitor is a useful tool.

Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age and for us with COPD, the aerobic zone is best.

The Aerobic Zone is 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Training at this level will develop your cardiovascular system. The body's ability to transport oxygen to, and carbon dioxide away from, the working muscles can be developed and improved.

Plenty of information on the internet. Keep on keeping on,


Hi Martin, It seems as though we are living a life on tick over now, full throttle is just a distant memory.

I'm just about to get on the bike and ride, the exercise bike that is, on a lowly level 2 for 15 mins, I'll be shattered at the end of it but for some crazy reason glad that Iv'e done it!

Tony :)

Hi Martin1945, you know the bit you wrote about stretching & getting up, well that,s me & my exercise for the day :) then I intersperse it with trips upstairs to the loo & nipping back & too to let the dogs out & in with a daily battle pushing the hoover round, on really fit days I walk around the shops choosing size of shop to match level of breath in body, I,d feel silly coming to a halt & needing a lift out of one of the huge busy ones :( but it sounds like I,m going to have to up my game if I want to keep up with all of you, good luck with the bike Karen x


I have simply accepted that exercise needs to be part of my life and recommend it to others.

I had a quad bipass 10weeks ago and hated the level of breathlessness (Consequence of being on a heart/ lung machine and my lungs being allowed to deflate for an hour)

I hated the breathlessness so much i desire to be as fit as i can get so that the next time i get real problems i will be able to cope.


Well done thats still very good though.

I find the easiest way to do something is to do it every day so it becomes a habit.

Only trouble is finding the willpower to do it every day so it does become a habit! Mmmm

Bev x

I do a regular(well almost) excercise with my bike.Dusting it.Very strenuos

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