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Soluble Painkillers and Washing Powder Tablets


Oh my goodness. I think I had a 'senior moment!!!

I put some washing in the machine and took the two tablets of washing powder to put in the drawer.

I had a bad headache so went back into the kitchen and filled a glass with water and put two soluble painkillers in it.

While waiting for the painkillers to dissolve, I went back out to the washing machine and put the powder tablets in the drawer.

You know what I'm going to say - don't you.

Back in the kitchen I had a glass of thick gunge - I had put the washing powder tablets in the glass!!! The soluble painkillers had gone into the washing machine.

Not the end of the world but I did feel like an idiot.


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Thank god you didn't drink it straight down!!! I have moments like that all the time! I,ve gone to put the kettle in the fridge, take the coal shovel to the sink cause I was thinking I,ll have a brew :D just glad you,re ok & no harm done xxx karen

Hi Karen

The last time I did something really stupid was a couple of years ago.

I went to the village shop for a block of butter, came home and put my purse in the fridge and the butter in my handbag.



Glad to know I,m not the only one that has a brain that plays daft tricks on me, I,m sure it does it to make me laugh :D Hi Annec xxx

Oops !


Perhaps the instructions on the picture say it all really? ;)

Joking aside Annec, I'm just as batty. I sat with a carton of milk the other day whilst my tea was chilling nicely in the fridge. Took the clean clothes out of the tumbler and put them straight back in the dirty linen. I could go on forever but I think you get the gist.

We're not hurting anyone and have to laugh at ourselves.




I had such a bad feeling reading the title of this blog I could hardly wait finding no hurt had been caused as others have replied this experience could easily belong with any of us taking such actions in a normal day.

For information only pouring boiling water onto bran flakes leaves a mush in a bowl with no coffee, start again after clearing up put the mind on one task :-)


Love your profile pic!! Glad to know that others,have there moments.An old neighbour asked me to do an errand for him,when I went to the store.On arriving back to his place,he shook his head,& said he would never ask me again,apparently he wanted a packet of turf (tobacco) & I got him a packet of surf!' lol. xxx


Glad to know others are just as batty as me. Recently had an eye infection requiring drops. Didnt close my mouth when attempting to put them in. Would not have thought that one drop could taste so bad. Mislaid the TV remote control which I eventually found in my handbag - had taken it shopping with me instead of my glasses. I could go on and on and on and on ......... Wishing everyone a good day with sunshine x

When trying to set the cruise control on the car I often find that the car gets slower and the music louder!

Thank you to everyone who posted. They are great stories - perhaps someone (not me though) should collect all of these stories and write a book with the proceeds going to the BLF.

Thanks again lovely people.

Best wishes and good health to everyone.



What a brilliant idea Annec, but as my finger mistypes It,d better not be me!!!

Some days are better than others for foggy memory that has the word on the tip of my tongue if only the fog cleared I would not sound so foolish and frustrated.

Ah you ladies. You do make us men laugh. We can only do one thing at once but at least we do it right. Ducks and runs........ xx

That won't wash with me.Hee HEE


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