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What cold remedies are effective for you?


My poor husband is really suffering - just wondered what other cops sufferers use eg lemsip etc. he is on abs, stopped the steroids this time they really made him ill (more ill!) He is only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night then the coughing starts again and his nose is blocked. Then we are off with the neb and he can either settle back or not. It started last Friday night not been this ill for years. Imagine it will be a long slow recovery. Using buttercup syrup Vicks anadin oblas oil but can't tolerate steam. Any advise would be appreciated! Ps the respiratory team are calling on Monday . Thanks

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Hellow Tadaw

Before (and I stress BEFORE) i was told that I had COPD if I had a bad cold I would take Night Nurse. While taking it, I always had a really good night's sleep.

If you do think about buying Night Nurse for your husband then it would be a good idea to give the pharmacist a complete picture of your husband's problem. I'm sure that he/she would be happy to advise you or, if necessary, suggest that you seak to your GP.

I believe Night Nurse contains paracetamol so on no account, when taking it, should your husband take any other medicines containing paracetamol.

Strangely, since being told that I have COPD (not as yet confirmed) I have not had a cold and I am very grateful that I have not. I imagine that having a bad cold in addition to COPD is an absolute nightmare for your poor husband (and it must be just as awful for you to see him so poorly).

I hope that your true love will recover soon.

Best wishes and kind regards



Sorry TADAW but I can't help. I use olbas oil on a tissue, sip on the Lemsip, swallow honey and make sure I have the softest tissues available! Then just wait it out. Is he sleeping propped up? I find it helps to reduce the coughing. Hope he feels better soon.

if you have a neb ask or you can buy saline water and use tis in the neb it loosens the mucus and helps the dry throat, any mucus then ask dr if he can be given a prescription for something to loosen this

Benylin 4 Flu is my favourite potion, I take it as soon as I get any sign of a cold. You have to ask for it at the Chemists as it is quite strong.


Thank you all so much great advise x x x


Can't beat hot whiskey, honey and lemon plus a couple of paracetamol!


I find Potters vegetable cough remover (for sale in holland and Barrett )/,or meggezones are great for calming the inevitable coughing fits. Good luck and hope your husband feels better soon.

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