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Can anybody give me a phone number for the CAB in the romford,Essex area.

I have searched their site,no numbers,just general ones.none for the area you live in.

I am hoping to appeal the decision I was given this week,and I need advice.

Many thanks.

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Is this the one?

Address: 7-9 Victoria Rd, Romford, RM1 2JT

Phone:0844 411 1444

Found it on Google.


It comes under Havering CAB, another number I found is 020 3587 7420 :)


If you get no joy with the phone numbers send them an email - advice@haveringcab.org.uk


Thanks seasides use,I did ring that.but no joy.

Gordon,that's brilliant,thank you.will email them.



No joy on the email.you fill the form out,and I fails to send??

I rang the number,but they don't give advice over the phone.i have to physically go to the advice centre in town.tell them what's wrong,then they decide if they feel you need an appointment.

What a palaver.



Don't use the form on their site - send a normal email to advice@haveringcab.org.uk

Many CAB's are overworked and understaffed. My local one is about to close :(

Explain that you have a disability, don't drive, and it would be difficult to get to their office. Of course, they could fail to reply or just say you still have to go, but it's worth trying.


Thanks Gordon.

I've done just that.will let you know if I get a reply.



This is just a thought Fantasy3. In our town we have outreach CAB advice sessions, i.e my GPs has one once a week in the surgery. Also the local church in the shopping precinct holds a benefits advice session every week, it might be worth asking if there are any other advice outlets in your area who could help.Some disabled groups offer help with appeals ect too. Good luck


You might want to try Welfare Rights Fantasy - usually pretty good in my experience


Love c x


Thank you to all of you for your replies.

I have decided to trek into town early next week and sort it head on.

Wish me luck.



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