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Have I or haven't I?

I don't know if anyone else gets this, but sometimes I really feel like I am coming down with a cold and then after a couple of days all the symptoms go and I am fine again.

I have it now. I'm a little more breathless than usual, want to sleep more, not as much energy and my chest feels a little tight. No cough, no runny nose, no other cold type symptoms.

After working 2 days I have nothing important planned until Tuesday, so I am hoping it just disappears again.

This isn't just since I have had emphysema either, its been a pattern my whole adult life. I estimate that in the last 20 years I have had about 3 proper colds and 1 chest infection (last year). It's all a bit weird really.

Lynne xx

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Hi Lynne

I get the same ..... nearly get a cold, slightly snuffly, feeling worn out etc for a couple of days and then its gone.

My theory is that my immune system is so 'on the ball', that is was a cold in the making but got seen off before it could amount to anything. Colds go round at work and I rarely pick up anything other than a 'snuffle'

Like you I've only had a serious chest infection two or three times ever. There are some on this site cursed with regular and serious infections and so far ... touch wood, I haven't been.

I think we are just lucky, especially as I also have emph, so I think, regard it as a blessing, not a worry....

Take care


Hi Lynne, but take it easy just in case.


Yep - and it's been happening a lot recently. A day or two of headache, sniffles, bit coughy, really tired and I think 'uh oh!' And then nothing. Not that I'm complaining but it's a real worry at the time. Not sure what might cause it. As Homebreeze advises though, take it easy anyway!

Marie x

I am wondering whether it is your body's defence mechanisms kicking in?! Fluids +++ and rest.

Thanks for your replies. Maybe the exercise and healthy eating really does help with immunity. I also take a spoonful of Manukka honey 15+ every day. I don't know if it really helps like they say, but worth a try I thought.

I will take it easy though.

Lynne xx

Takes so long getting round to finding what is wrong that most people have had copd 10 or 20 years when the doctor tells them making it official a reason for feeling rough without looking for anything else. Catch up with yourself slowly keep moving carefully :-)

Luckily for me, I was fine until last year, so don't think I had it that long. :)

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