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Breathe Easy Support groups


Following the new poll about Breathe Easy membership I thought I would start this blog to give any Breathe Easy group members an opportunity to promote the group they are part of.

Also a chance for others to find out if there is a group near them.

It is possible to find out what groups are near to you by using the BLF website -http://www.blf.org.uk/Home - on the home page is the "in your area" section - just put in your postcode and amongst other things it will show you where your nearest group is.

I would always say that it is worth contacting your nearest group, even though it may ne too far to travel - as some groups have a newsletter and you may be able to get on their mailing list.

And it is worth contacting the nearest BLF office as they keep lists of people who are interested in being part of a group that may get set up in the future.

Remember just call the BLF Helpline -03000 030 555 - for any help with the above.



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I live in South Somerset, nearest group is I think at least a 45min drive away ... too far

There is a group in Yeovil which is called Breathability, they meet on a Thursday and have quite a range of exercise equipment.

Good idea

I hadn't thought of that

I'll speak to someone tomorrow


Breathe Easy Penzance Small friendly group. Tuesdays 2 - 4. Pirates Rugby Club. Qigong exercises, guest speakers, tea and biscuits, social events etc. Drop in and check us out, we don't bite! Tony. (Chairman)

I'll be joining the Batley Breathe Easy Group when I get back from my trip to Switzerland. I believe their meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month 1.30 - 3.30 pm. A couple of ladies from there came to the Pulmonary Rehab course I was on, to introduce themselves and invite everyone to join them.

Malvern Breathe Easy hold two sessions every Tuesday morning at Williams Court 9.30-10.30 and 11.00-12.00. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain if you attend.


Where in Malvern is Williams Court please as it would be nearer for me than Hereford ?

I googled it and there's a map shown. Post Code WR14 2DZ.

Its between Malvern Link and Barnards Green, just off Pickersleigh rd

Google (williams court malvern) Its a home for the elderly which breathe easy hire the room for us on Tuesday's.

I have the phone number of Elaine Bevan Smith who runs the group

07771858891 if you want more details. Libby is the instuctor/physio who is there on the day.

They always say anyone is welcome so come along and give it a try. I always attend the 2nd group on the later session which is starting at the slightly earlier time of 10.45 for the next 7 weeks because they are running a Pulmanary Rehab starter course after us.

Were quite a small group at the moment and average around 10.

Look forward to seeing you there, Oh yes I 'm the young good looking one with the oxygen back pack. Ha Ha.

Many thanks for the info, I will follow it up.

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for your help this morning, it was much appreciated.

I havr phoned my surgery to try and get support to be able to attend your groups pulmonary rehab, but cannot speak to the relevant person until pm tommorrow.

Will keep you updated aas things occur.

Chas Lankester

Hi Chas, As you can see were a small but friendly bunch and I hope we will be seeing you soon.

It seems as though its not as easy as it should be to do the initial Pulmonary Rehab course.

Good Luck.


Weymouth breathe easy meet every 2nd Wed in the month at the new fire station community centre,,2 pm--4pm

Hi Mark,

Breathe Easy Group, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, meets every 3rd Tuesday afternoon, 2-4 pm at Great Oaks Hospice, everyone is welcome.

We also have a specialist respiratory exercise instructor as well who runs 2 classes a week here in the Forest,( well in a hall! not actually in the woods!) hhaaaa.

By the way, what do you do with all the surgery results you acquire? Are they used at all by BLF?

Have a lovely day-yay!

Yes - I send reports out to all BLF staff to raise awareness of the issues - some of the Development officers also use them at Breathe Easy meetings and other staff have used the results in presentations - so I think the polls are brilliant.


Here's the BLF link to the Maldon and Dengie Peninsula 'Breathe Easy' group for folk living in the area,



Thanks for that Mark, I did of course mean survey and not surgery !

We dont have a breath easy group in Royston. All I was told that I could organise one but wouldn't know where to start. To ancient to cope with the agro.

I belong to Breathe Easy Buckinghamshire. We meet monthly on the second Friday of the month, 1pm to 3pm. We have been running for 18 years now and this year we moved to new premises at 9a Pusey House, High Wycombe, Bucks. New members are always welcome along with friends and carers. Our web site is bebucks.co.uk Take a look and see what we do.

There is one that meets in Southwark. Send me your details to helpline@blf.org.uk and I'll see if there's anything closer.


Hi Mark, I start my Pulmonary Rehabilitation course at the end of the month. I learned about PR on this site. I intend to join Breath Easy (which I also learned about on here) once I have completed it.

It looks like the site is doing its job Bob

I have been a member of 3 different Breathe Easy groups over last 10 years or so.They are all very friendly and welcoming groups.I now belong to Breathe Easy Nottingham.

We meet at Edwalton Golf Club,Wellin Lane,Edwalton NG12 4AS every first Wednesday of the month.Getting to know you coffee mornings are held seperately at various times throughout the year.The are monthly speakers on a variety of topics,quizzes,coach outings,theatre trips,gardening venues,in fact something for everyone.Tell the committee what you would like and they will do their utmost to please.Nurses are in attendance to give advice in private if required.

A light airy pleasant venue,meals/snacks available from the bar,ample parking.

Attendance of around 60-80 members per meeting,never short of friendship.

Hi there,Dover in South East Kent has recently started a group at the moment there is about a dozen or so members anyone is welcome.

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