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Very worried

I was diagnosed with copd three days ago. My condition is graded as severe and my lung age was 95 although I am really 64. I have been put on Seretide 250, two puffs twice a day, which so far has had no effect.

I have smoked for years and am trying very hard to give this up as well. It is not very easy but I am determined to beat this foul habit.

Is there anything else I can do to improve my condition as at the moment I feel very depressed

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I am not in a position to advise but am confident that you will be getting some good help from the friendly people in this forum. Good luck - Annie80x

Hi Quintus

Welcome. I don't have copd either (bronchiectasis). Hope someone comes along soon to advise you. Personally I get very cross when they give spirometry results as lung age. I think they do it to scare you into giving up ciggies, but it is so negative. Good luck by the way giving up.

Really sorry you are feeling so down. You might want to give British Lung Foundation a call 03000 030 555 - they will talk through your concerns and help you to uderstand and deal with your condition.

Love C xxx

I speak from personal experience stage 4 copd. The best thing you can do is stop smoking ! It is the most difficult and also will provide the most benefit. The damage you will do by continuing to smoke is the worst thing you can do.

Depression is a symptom of COPD and something all of us here are familiar with, you are not alone!

See your GP with a view to being referred to a respiratory clinic who will be of great support.

There are some very knowledgeable people on this site who doubtless can advise you further given more info.

Finally you can ring BLF on 03000 030 555 for help and advice.

Good luck,

Think this site will help you, I have been very down since I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago, joined site last night and feel not so alone now. my husband tried the electronic fags which my husband swears by, he was n 40 a day and has done brilliant, I just got champix pills off doc which I'm fine on, no smoking for 2months now. Eating healthy makes me feel better. Ring the helpline and they will make you feel so much better, stay on this site too, the people are so so nice and helpfull. I feel like I have friends who know how I feel now. Good luck.

Hi and welcome,

Try not to get too depressed, a lot of people on here have been at the same stage as you for many years and live a reasonably normal lifestyle if a liittle slower. if you succeed at quitting cigs you will have gone a long way towards helping yourself. There are many aids to help you quit and your GP should assist with your choices in this dept.

Most of us will say similar as it just can't be stressed enough, smoking has got you here but don't feel guilty and/or beat yourself up over this - COPD doesn't happen to all smokers, just those of us unlucky enough to have a genetic predisposition to it.

Pulmonary Rehab (PR) - if you can get it would be another thing on my list as you will make new friends and learn a lot that will be of use to you re. diet, exercise etc.

The third thing that I would say (it was said to me by someone but I forget who) is to exercise to the best of your ability - no-one ever dies from shortness of breath (SOB) in itself, your body will always ensure that you get enough oxygen to keep you alive in most cases. There are obvious limits so please do be sensible about this and ask someone if uncertain but sitting around to prevent SOB is one of the worst things you can do. If you can get on a PR course you will learn a lot about exercise and the benefits of it.

Good luck with stopping smoking and getting control over your current depression,



Hi and welcome Quintus and Lindylou52. I have very severe emphysema. Diagnosed 2 years ago.

Number 1. Stop smoking !

Number 2. Exercise.

Number 3. Don't worry. It's not as bad as it sounds.

To stop smoking there is plenty of help out there or have a heart attack and get angina like I did and stopped there and then. No efags,pills,Nothing.

Ask your doctor to put you forward for Pulmonary rehab which will show you how to keep fit and also teach you about your disease

I'm one of the odd ones who doesn't get particularly down.with this. I get rather frustrated and annoyed once in a while.

Don't worry. Be happy as the song goes ! :)

Hello and welcome Quintus and lindylou52

Great advice as always. I have severe Emphysema I used the electronic cig but only for about 6 weeks that was 31st December 2011, keep trying you can do it.

Good luck


As above, the four best things, give up smoking, exercise, medication, positive attitude.

If you need help with the depression get it.

Lib x

Hail the wise words of Puff!

Don't worry about lung age, mine was 105 when i was 52 years! (Never smoked)

I can cycle and walk for miles.

Learn to look after yourself. Have a plan how to monitor and manage YOUR COPD.

A minutes worry is 60 seconds wasted.

Do what you can, and protect what you've got! Exercise is important!

Hi Quintus

Well I think you really must try to quit smoking as you WILL feel so much better.

As regards Seretide - I also take it but was taken off it to try another drug. Had to go back on Seretide buit it took about 3 weeks to kick back in.

Hi there Quintus and Lindylou52.

Welcome to the site. I'm afraid I cannot help but the lovely people above have said it all including calling the help line.

Re the Seretide, I take it, but I believe it takes a certain amount of time to take effect. Do you use a spacer to get the optimin dose? Has it been checked that you're taking it properly?

Best ring blf or the GP. Everyone says to rinse the mouth and throat out very well with fresh water then gargle & spit it out - dont swallow!

All the best to you both. P

Hello from me too. Welcome to this great site.

Others have already said it, but try not to worry.

Stopping smoking is essential to your prognosis. Yes, it's hard. I stopped with Champix, a real help. It does not contain nicotine so it helps break the habit. Please ask your GP about it as that's the only way to do it.

Then as already said, exercise is very important.

Diagnosis is a shock and although you cannot reverse things, you can help to stop things getting worse.

Lynne xx

Hi try not to worry too much,,everyone on here has a lung disease..We all cope in different ways,we all try to lead as much a normal life as we can,,albeit a bit slower.Any worries give the BLF helpine a buzz they are magic. :)

not everyone, i have trachea cancer, but did you know its classed as lung cancer because its in the air ways xxx

Hi Rose, I did not know that.

Hope you are o.k.

polly xx

yes i'm ok polly, still battling on as thay say, how are you?

rosie xxx

Hi Quintus

Sorry to reiterate but no 1 thing to do is stop smoking. I know how difficult this is have smoked at least a packet a day for over 40 years. I gave up last March after being diagnosed with emphysema. It was the best thing I ever did. Twelve months on my spirometer readings which showed severe restriction is now moderate. I also walk at least 2 km everyday aling although inclines are hard going. I also do regular breathing exercises I'm on spiriva, miflonide, foradil and uniphyllin but I feel better now than I have in a long time. Although I'm lucky to live in Cyprus weather wise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck to you and please try to give up smoking. Pat

Hi Quintus, welcome to the site, like everyone else says, giving up smoking is a must, its not easy I know, it took me several attempts to give up, you will get there just keep trying if you can, I have severe copd and was diagnosed 6 years ago but not smoking has improved my quality of life so much, it is not always the result of smoking although that hasn't helped, mine is also gentic and from working in a dusty enviroment for 25 years, I am on 500 grams of seretide 1 puff twice a day plus other inhalers but I feel I have several years of life left in me yet and I'm 62, also you might consider pulmonary rehab which I am starting next week and told it is very helpful and you get to meet people with the same illnesses, ask your GP if they can refer you, good luck and keep well, we are all here to support one another x

Best wishes Ju

I am the same, trying hard to give up smoking after 40 years. I am only 56. Never thought it would happen to me!! Good luck.

Dear Quintus, I was diagnosed with copd 4 years ago, at 56. I was able to give up smoking--which, like you, I'd been doing for years--but it wasn't easy and even now I have to lean on Nicorette gum to ward off the beginnings of cravings. But I'd agree with other posters that giving up is the first major step. It isn't easy and you can feel like you're being bullied. Perhaps see your doctor or, as someone said, phone the BLF helpline to see what quitting-aids would be best for you. And good luck!

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