Chest cold

2wks ago got chest cold ,went to a@e,got a/b and soluble steroids,meow ever my peak flow still not brill,still got a wheeze,went to docs today ,got some normal steroids for 2wks,she said ther was still some inflammation left from the infection,but still feel awfull,lethargic etc,e says I may have picked up a viral bug too,it just seems like its never going to end

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  • Hi

    Having as chest infection can take several weeks to fully get over. They way you are feeling is not unusual - it is a common misconception that chest infections are completley gone at the end of a course of AB's. And quite commonly people don't give themselves enough time to fully recover.

    If you have picked up a viral infection as well then that is just adding to making you feel rubbish.

    So you need to make sure you complete all the meds you have been given - plenty of rest - drink lots of fluids - and just look after yourself. You will start to feel better - just not a soon as you hoped.

    Give us a call on 03000 030 555 if you would like to talk anyhting through with one of our nurses.



  • Thank you, I started my steroids wen I got back this morning,Gotta take them for 10days

  • How long does it take roughly for steroids to kick in?

  • my husbnad said 3 daysor so but maybe sooner depends on how bad you might be at the time.

  • remeber to take all 8 or all 6 in one go.

  • Hi meg, sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish, I have been the same for weeks on and off, since the new year one infection after another and then told it was viral, I am just beginning to feel back to normal now, I think it takes us longer to get over any illnesses we get, can't just shake it off like we used to, hope you feel better soon, take care x

    Best wishes Ju

  • Yes I think ur right ,yrs ago I sused to shake it off quickly,but as I'm past 60,it seems harder,and the weather hadn't helped has it?

  • Yes meg the weather has been awful this winter but thankfully the summer is on its way, hooray!!

  • Hope so Hun xxx

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