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Eklira Genuair (aclidinium bromide)

A few weeks ago I received a letter from my surgery outlining their plan to transfer copd patients currently using Spiriva to the new Elkira Genuair inhaler. This would take effect from the 1st April. I had the option of refusing this change and continuing with the Spiriva, or to at least give Elkira a try and change back later if I didn't like it.

I confess that my initial reaction was ''no way am I giving up Spiriva", but then I had a rethink. At a recent Patient Participation meeting we discussed the effects of the NHS changeover on our surgery. Asked how many of us would be willing to try alternative cheaper 'equivalent' drugs or treatments in order to help the budget go further, every one of us put our hand up . Remembering this I decided that I would give up my Spiriva for a few months and give Elkira a fair try. Both Spiriva and Elkira are expensive, but there is a saving of around £6 per month per patient with Elkira. Elkira is an anti-cholinergic agent and works in the same way as Spiriva.

Yesterday I picked up this months prescription, taking my first dose last night. I have since taken my second dose this morning. Of course I cannot give an assessment of it yet, or compare it against my experience of Spiriva. I will report on that in a couple of months time. I can say that my initial impressions are that on the plus side the inhaler is much more user friendly - no fiddling around with capsules and foil strips. On the down side it doesn't taste nice and I am finding that I have some of the gritty powder residue in my mouth afterwards. Perhaps as I get more used to the inhaler I will get less 'grit'. The biggest difference between Elkira and Spiriva is that Elkira is twice daily.

Well, I will give you my honest full appraisal at a later date. In the meantime, has anyone else been changed over from Spiriva or tried Elkira? If so, how are you finding it?

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i had spivira a couple of years ago ,but i had a bad reaction to it, i came out in a horrible rash so my doc took me off it. he gave me Elkira two months ago,, it does have a (taste to it ) but when i take all my meds of a morning i leave that till last then a glass of pure orange, it takes that taste away , i seem to feel a bit better with Elkira ,

Do you get any of the gritty powder left in your mouth or is it me that is not inhaling hard enough?

no gritty powder left in my mouth ,there is a different taste but i`m used to that now.

Been on spivira 2 month now and icane out in a rash doc gave me anti histamien,, think i will see him again,,about elkira,, :)

Might be what is affecting my spelling as well,,,, :)

lol!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is the first time that I've heard of this but as my surgery are very cost conscious I doubt it will be the last time.

Just one question, is there anything in the instruction 'side effects' that says it might affect your sex drive? Curious as it contains Bromine.


No mention of it in the 'side effects' list. Not that it really matters in my case as I have been widowed 13 years now. The sight of my 'nose hose' and the noise from the oxygen concentrator would probably have any possible suitors running in the opposite direction anyway ;)

Hello, i was changed over to this some 5 weeks ago and it has helped me tremendously, i would never want my spriva back now. Im stage 4 but when i next have spirometry i wouldn't be at all surprised if my numbers haven't improved enough to put me back to 3. I hope it works just as well for you. So far i haven't found any side effects from it. Good luck

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I used spivira for approx three days....had such a bad gingivitis reaction to it...I went to my dentist, had my teeth deep cleaned and discussed the effects of this drug on my oral dentist advised me to not continue taking it. This was when I lived in Ireland, but now I'm back in England and my new GP suggested I take this drug and when I told him No Ive had a bad experience with it he basically told me it was probably just a "chance" thing that I had gingivitis nothing to do with the, no doc not at all...never had it before and not had it since stopping the no...I'm not using it again!

hi ,my first prescription was for Spiriva it was wonderful I could breathe !!! Then after 5 or 6 weeks I started itching then my nose was dry itchy & blocked put up with it thinking it would go away , but it got worse ..I have had salmeterol I struggled t breathe with this , after a week I went back t drs and was given ipratropium. I got a spacer & I still struggle t breathe , going back t drs .. Thought about trying Elkira Genuair but not sure as its powder , scared it will block my nose up like Spiriva ,although 1 post here says they had Spiriva & bad reaction but ok with Elkira ..need advice , fed up after 3 different inhalators I know it's trial & error but the cost is not cheap

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