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Up date on my up date

He'll everybody, well we arrived at the bexley unit at ST James hospital at 10.25 this morning, my appointment was for the nurse asked if we were late and I said no she said my appointment was for , so I showed her the appointment card, which said I should have known that this was not going to be my day. The bad news is that my right lung is not in very good condition at all, and my left lung is a little better, so I am going to see the consultants in 7 weeks from now, in which time they will discuss weather or not to offer me a lung reduction operation on my right lung and a valve or two in my Left lung , it was such a shock to hear that my lungs were in such bad condition, although I think I already new what they would say hearing it really upset me and I am ashamed to say I cried a little. Anyway that's that I will now try to relax a little and wait for the decision Take everyone x

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That should read take care everyone


Sweetie pie

Crying is OK

Crying is sometimes the right thing to do

But there is a silver lining: cling on to it, you are perhaps getting an offer of an 'upgrade'

Personally I think I could do with an upgrade too ... getting very slow

Keep smiling (through the tears if necessary)

Wishing you all the best



Tears more than understandable.

Bearing the waiting will be a chore hope you can find support when you need it.

Here even.good luck



Crying is not an offence so why apologise and to be ashamed of showing emotion is not necessary at all. I think we have all cried at some point I know I have and I am not as bad as you and a lot of others are

I am so sorry that your news was so unexpected and I sincerely hope that some help will be forthcoming I will be keeping my fingers crossed at the appropriate time. Although I don't think I uncross them much these days




Good luck with it and have a cry. Better out than it.


I say better out than in, in reference to a certain bodily function hee hee!

You cry away hunny, there is no shame in it at all. Whilst you had some disappointing news, heartbreaking even, there was a huge positive note with the possibilty of some lung surgery and that in a nut shell is the icing on the cake. Lots of people do not get that opportunity so grab it with both hands and never let it go xx


There is no shame in crying.


Hi meike

No shame in crying hun - it is understandable, but as bolily says you might be offered an 'upgrade'.

Please let us know how you get on. Bexley is one of my locals - may see you there sometime :-)

Love C xxx


Better out than in I was supposed to say. Oops ! :)


You are all such lovely lovely people thank you for your lovely kind words xx


Hands up anyone who's never cried??

It's a blessing to be able to have a little cry for yourself every now and then.

All the best to you Meike


I'm sorry Meike. I'm not surprised you are crying! I would still be blubbling. At least they can do something about it.

Take care of yourself.

Bev x


hi cry all u want.there is no shame.and we are all with u .i will pray for u and hope all gos well for u.the only ppl who should feel shame are the governments past and present/we all need sum sort of help or a full cure as i blve there is 1.please keep us posted .god is with you as he is with the rest of us .karma is watching.take care .


Hi Meike.

I have to hold it all together at home because my wife gets upset if I do. I have to hold it together for my elder son who is kust beginning to realise that you can't do whatever you want at work & expect to have no consequences - a family and a mortgage mean you have to do what the boss wants & keep your job.

So I have to do my crying at night and feel a bit of a wimp.

Yesterday I went for an interview to a hospice run by a charity up on the Stroud (Cotswold) hills. Beautiful alpine style place, lovely comfortable furniture, staff more helpful and understanding than I could have imagined. Top Gun retired from RAF after 30 years after his last Afghan tour, 2009 - had enough of killing, wants to help instead. Looking forward to chats with him.

I had a problem getting my scooter out of the car - got tangled as never before but took 15 mins to get breath back.

Top guy and gardner came & put the scooter back in the car at end, and when I start the 13 week course, 1 day a week, they will send a driver to pick me up & bring me home so I don't stress about the scooter getting stuck.

Available - massage, counselling (PERMISSION TO LET GO AND CRY AS MUCH AS NECESSARY WITHOUT REPROACH), art therapy (had some of that once - I'll never laugh at weird therapies again), snacks, a meal, places to be with other folks, places to be quiet, alternate therapies. They've had a lot of folks in my position (different illnesses) and know what they're talking about.

I can be me. Don't have to pretend.




Hi frank, I wish there was a place near me where I could just go and not have to explain that I have breathing problems . But I don't know of anywhere. In my district, I still get embarrassed about my condition, I think it's because I spent years trying to hide it which sounds stupid when you are gasping for breath that people will not notice, but I just. Tell people if they ask if I am ok that I have a problem with my breathing. I try not to let this condition get the better of me . But I feel so sad that just at the time in my life I should be carefree and not stressed I find that I feel the whole world is on my shoulders yet I know it's not and its just me. Feeling sorry for myself. So I have decided that when I want to have a good cry I will no matter where I am or who I am with sod this being strong You take care frank x


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