Hi all

I've read some very long blogs posted over the last few days.....quite a lot of stress and distress about

It's none of my business but let's remember a couple of things

However different our 'backgrounds', our 'class', our 'intelligence' (whatever these really mean), our grammar or spelling etc. we are all similar to each other in the most significant way... crippled lungs and uncertain futures ..... this site is for us to support each other ....... what does that mean?

I think it means

'Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind' Henry James

If we aim to support not to criticise and are tolerant when criticised then we can all get along. People who thrive on being thin skinned and quick to be upset are to be pitied and supported; those who are quick to criticise are best countered by 'not rising to the bait' or forgiving them .... they may have some complex issues and/or fears and criticising others may help them.

I don't think these sorts of sites, with such a varied user list with only health issues in common can thrive without kindness and tolerance.

Sorry if that was a bit 'preachy'

Absolutely no criticism of ANY individuals is intended or implied.

All the best to all

Good health Keep smiling


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  • A well thought out and well presented message bolilly, which I wholeheartedly agree with :)

  • Me too

    ff x

  • Me too

  • makes sense to me bolily thank you for posting such a sensible message

  • Here here

  • thanks me darlin's


  • Good stuff.

  • Excellent good sense. I have read some really well balanced comments which should help

    within this site.

  • Very good prose

  • Wonderful...kind, kind, kind...I love that.


  • Thank you Lucky

    Kindness is the rarest thing sometimes

    Belittled by 'cleverness', and 'truthfulness' all of which can at times be the camouflage for 'unkindness'


  • Well said.

  • Absolutely. What a lovely gentle and kind post.


  • thank you ....

    kind comment!

    pleased it meant something


  • Well said, a timely reminder, Kindness & support is what we need from this community.

  • Well said, thanks :-)

  • I also agree 100 pc. What a great way of putting it. If you are not a writer you should be.

    Well done.

    Bev x

  • Beautifully put,loved it my friend! xx

  • Very well put, the last thing anyone who is feeling down needs is someone picking on them.

    Luckily the support and friendliness on this site far out way anything else

  • That is exactly what I think Bolilly. The difference between us is that you can write it down in a calm and logical manner. Well done and thank you. Bob

  • I dont have COPD but my husband does so I am affected by it also, I cannot imagine how it must be and try to shallow breathe sometimes for as long as I can to get some idea. I dont suppose its anything like the real thing. This site and all the comments on here have given me a greater insight and understanding of what he has to live with, most important of all is that I dont feel as alone as I did, therefore I think I can support him better while getting some much needed support for me, from everyone on here. Thank you all so much, you have really hepled us.

  • Thanks for those wise, kind, thoughts. Just right to pull us back to what this blog is all about. Thanks, alot.


  • Very well said :)

  • Thank you

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