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Acetylcysteine capsules

Hi all, this is only my second post. A few weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with IPF and has been taking Acetylcysteine for about 5 weeks now. Yesterday he saw the consultant and his breathing test showed an improvement from 2litres to 2.5l. He's on oxygen for a while each morning and his sats were 100%.

I just wanted to give others out there that might be newly diagnosed some hope that in some people this medication works really well.

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I have been on this for 4 weeks too and although I have no measurements to prove anything I do feel better. Hopefully it can at least slow down the progress of IPF if given early enough. Please send best wishes to your dad. :-)

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Yeah, I really hope they work for you as well as my dad. He takes 600mg three times per day. It's interesting that TADAW mentioned about her husband's stomach though because my dad has been complaining of heartburn over the last two or three weeks.


I was already on Omeprazole because I have acid reflux before I started taking the Acetylcysteine, so maybe that is keeping the heartburn at bay. Perhaps that may be worth discussing for your Dad too?


My husband took this for a while but it started to upset his stomach - he did suffer with ulcers. It might be something to watch for. BUT I am putting him back having read your post and will just probably do it in short bursts - say 3 weeks on and 1 week off and see if that helps. Thanks for reminding me! TAD xx


I started on 1 per day for 1 week, then 2 per day for 1 week, then 3 per day thereafter. The consultant did say that if I had any problems tolerating the higher dose then just to revert to the previous dose. Don't know if this advice was given to your husband but if not it may be worth discussing with his consultant maybe? Best wishes to you & your husband too! :-)


My dad has been complaining of heartburn for the last two or three weeks, to deal with it he's been letting a small glass of caffeine free diet coke go flat for an hour or so then drinking it and it seems to be helping ease it. That was something recommended to me when I was pregnant and it worked back then too. I hope this helps.


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